How do I set Midi routing and recording for live performances?

Hello, lately I've been trying to arrange some songs I've written to perform them live using Ableton.

My idea is to make pretty much everything live by recording midi from Omnisphere and then sending everything on looping clips, choosing when to stop or start them.

I've tried creating a dedicated track for Omnisphere with monitoring set on "In" and setting up several midi tracks,each one sending to a different channel.

Now, my problem is: If I make all the midi tracks armed for recording and with monitoring set on "Auto", when I play i get several instruments playing at a time because of the monitoring of the empty tracks.

I've tried recording the midi signal to audio tracks but then i get more or less the same result because the empty tracks keep monitoring what i play so i get very loud audio when i play while getting soft sounding clips.

What could i change to have each clip assigned to a different Omnisphere patch while monitoring only what I'm playing until I launch the clips?


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nick112358 1 year ago | 0 comments

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