How do I "Set 1.1.1 Here" on multiple clips at the same time?

I know that if I select multiple same-length warped clips while holding down Ctrl the warp changes I make on the last one I select are made on all selected clips.  BUT this approach does not allow me to Set 1.1.1 Here on these all these clips at the same time.  Nor does it allow me to select any of the Warp From Here options by right clicking on a warp marker in this multi-clip mode.  Is there a way to do this? Conversely, in this same scenario where I have multiple same-length clips is it possible to just do all my work on one clip--the kick drum, let's say--and somehow export all my warps to all to other clips?  From my web searches it seems this was possible in Live 8 by simply making a copy of that "master" clip and dragging another of the same-length audio files onto that copy.  But this seems to no longer be the case with Live 9.  Any solutions?


greenisle 1 year ago | 0 comments

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