How Do I Record a VST without an Interface?

I recently bought Komplete 8, and I'm trying to record Absynth as a VST. I've dropped it into my timeline, armed it, hit record on both, and when I hit the keys the audio plays through my speakers. However, it doesn't record to my tracks, or to the master track.

I'm not using an interface at the moment, so I'm trying to capture the sound generated by my Coreaudio.



Purple Umpteenth 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • vanders
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    Make an audio track, assign the track's input as Absynth, hit the record enable button on your audio track. Record! 

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  • juanlittledevil
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    When you drop a VST instrument into Live arrangement or session view, it will create a MIDI track. If you hit record you will only be recording the MIDI information sent to the track you armed. If you want to capture the audio output of the midi track you need to "route" audio accordingly. There are several ways to accomplish this. What vanders is suggesting is one of them. You can also resample, freeze, etc etc.

    Read the section on Routing IO "Chapter 13" of the Live manual. It will explain every you need to know and then some.




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