How can I get Ableton Live9 to recognize a rack mount TCHelicon Voiceworks?

HP desktop computer (running Ableton Live 9) via USB 2.0 TO  
Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface, MIDI In/Out TO 
Mackie Control Universal MIDI Out/In
Microphone plugged in TO Input 1 UR22
This set-up works great, no problems with Audio signal from the mic input or any softsynth VST’s in Ableton. And the MCU Pro controls all the tracs in Ableton like it should.
I want to insert a TC Helicon Voice Works vocal processor into the loop to effect the vocal audio sound before it reaches Ableton
OR  is there a way to have Ableton recognize the TC Helicon as an input device for ANY/ALL tracks

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MrR 7 months ago | 0 comments

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