How can I control an instrument with more than one midi clip at the same time?

eg. I want to play a piano using one midi channel or clip for the right hand and some other for the left hand.

I don't want to use external instrument because I can't mute them so I have to deactivate the clips. It is not a very fast way of working.



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  • gdomusic
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    You need 3 midi tracks to do this.

    • Place your piano on the first track.
    • On the second midi track, place your left hand piano part.
    • On the third midi track, place the right hand part.
    • Set the "MIDI to" dialog box of tracks 2 & 3 to the piano on track one. There are two boxes in under "MIDI to".
    • In the first box (midi output), select your piano.
    • In the second box, either leave set to the default of "track in" OR change it to the piano.

    Your piano on track one will now receive midi from two separate midi clips at the same time. This technique is useful for separating the individual parts of a drum track. The only difference in setup is that the drum rack setup requires the second dialog box under "MIDI to" to be changed from the default "track in" to the drum rack itself.

    Hope this helps.

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  • ttilberg
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    That is also a good way to store certain types of midi automation. Since you can't store certain types of automation in a regular midi instrument clip, you could map certain CVs to your filters/etc, and play them from a second midi channel that outputs to your instrument, creating clips for certain types of automated actions.

    6 years ago | 1 comment
  • leotone
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    Thanks! It was easier than I thought!

    6 years ago | 0 comments

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