'Hold' mechanism for notes in Ableton Live

In Live, is there a 'Hold' mechanism/plugin/whatever, to allow me to play a chord and have it 'hold'? (Meaning, after I release the notes the chord keeps playing.)

In MIDI terms, no MIDI NoteOff is passed to the instrument.

(Which means that there must also be an 'unlock' mechanism at one stage, otherwise the chord will play forever :)





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  • Eppe
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    If you want to just use this feature while playing live and not draw any automation afterwards I suggest getting a MIDI keyboard with a sustain pedal, cause you'd have to draw in the automation afterwards so you might as well just make the MIDI notes longer, and I'm guessing the point is being able to do it live, not afterwards.

    But anyway if you want to use automation to do this click your midi clip so you can see the midi editor. Make sure you can see the envelopes box (click the E symbol in the lower left corner). In the envelopes box, set the first parameter to 'MIDI Ctrl'. Set the second parameter to '64 - Hold Pedal'. You can now draw the automation. If its value is 64 or above it holds the notes, if it's 63 or below it turns off notes again.

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  • pedro666
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    Im using the built in arppegiator with hold engaged,i press whatever keys on keyboard and the sound continues until i press the hold button to disengage it but obviously it is arp'd to whatever its set to (up down,down down up etc).you could change it to play one note(s) say every 32 bars (not sure what biggest length is).That would give you the hold feature

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    Hi i have a more or less related question. I'm using an akai lpk25 wireless controller (with the usb cable plugged in my laptop, so i use it WIRED) and an Akai lpd8 wired controller.


    Since this is a 'mobile' setup (for example in a pub or on the train or in the park) i don't feel like connecting a sustain pedal tot the lpk25, i want to control the sustain on/of with one of the pads on the lpd8 controller.


    But how do i do this ?

    The pads on the lpd8 can be midi programmed so can i send someway to ableton to 'listen' to the pads and if i press the pad that sustain should be on.


    How do i map this in ableton so that the notes played on the lpk25 are sustained? (or to my lpk25 to 'listen to that midi/CC value so it puts sustain on ?)

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