Graceful Operator Voice Stealing

Is it somehow (with Max4Live or otherwise) possible to implement the following?

When operator is currently playing its maximum number of voices and a new note request arrives, instead of immediately disabling the voice — this creates a noticeable "click" artifact — I'd like the new voice to begin *while* the old voice is quickly silenced over some short (e.g. 50ms), smoothed interval to avoid this artifact. Note this release time should not be bound to the current release time setting — I don't want all my notes to stop abruptly when not interrupted. I note this will mean the voices will briefly overlap and one more than the maximum number of voices set would be required.

The problem is that if I want my envelopes to have a long release, then I can't have a quick release during voice stealing.


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ctignor 1 year ago | 0 comments

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