Everytime i close live 9 and re-open it I have to go to view- and choose IN/OUT again.

when i re-open live 9 IN/OUT are not there even though i opened it in the view pulldown last time, in addition once i choose IN/OUT my audio tracks do not have a button pushed under monitor. I have to choose AUTO myself, something that i never had to do in LIVE 8. Thanks for your help.




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    anyone? please?

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    Ok, so this is a really easy fix. All you have to do is create a new default project for Live to open each time you launch it. So first what you have to do open up a new project and make that project into exactly what you want to see when you first open Live.

    In your case, you will go to view -> in/out and make sure it is on. Or you can just go the bottom right corner near your master fader and hit the i/o button.

    Other things you can do include adding midi, audio or return tracks to your setup, or perhaps a compressor to your master. You can do anything you like at this stage.

    Next, after you have made all other changes, you want to go to your preferences, to the files and folders tab, and at the top there will be a line called "Save Current Set as Default" in bold. All you have to do is hit save, and the next time you open Live, you will be looking at the project that you just closed.


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