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I use Live to help me practice the guitar.  I have tons of loops that I play to, for example scale patterns, arpeggios, etc.  I like using live because the loops get warped and I can increment the tempo as I begin to master each exercise.

I've been looking for a way to automatically have Live increase the tempo after a certain number of bars, or a certain number of loop plays.  For example, In session view, I want to be able to launch a loop at a starting tempo of 60 BPM and have it play four times at 60 BPM and then increase to 65 BPM for four loop plays, then increase to 70 BPM, etc.  Ultimately, having control over the number of loop plays and the tempo increments would be ideal.

I cannot seem to find a Max for Live patch that will do this.  I have seen patches that will increase to a tempo over a number of bars, but with those, the tempo is always moving.

I've been working on doing this with dummy clips, but this is a pain in the neck since my loops vary in length.  I need to lee re-creating dummy clips for each exercise.

This could probably be done easily in Max, but learning to code MAX for this solution doesn't sound all that appealing to me.

Does anybody have any ideas for doing this easily?





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  • mcbpete
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    You could probably do something like that with ClyphX -

    Here's an example of some of the stuff it does - 

    (if the video doesn't appear and you're using Chrome, click the 'Load Unsafe Script' symbol that appears on the right of the web address bar)

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  • jpmull
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    That's great, and free too!

    All I needed to do was install ClyphX and select it as a Control Surface as described in the manual.  After a quick review of the manual, I came to a simple solution that does just what I want.  Simply renamed the clip based on the ClyphX syntax and it worked first try.

    Here is the clip name that does it for me:

    [Exercise Name] (LSEQ) BPM >5

    This will launch the clip and then increase the master BPM by 5 BPM each time the clip loops.  If I want, I can decrease that number so the exercise speeds up more slowly for exercises I'm not proficient with.

    Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction!




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  • doggbutt
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    another solution is to copy the clip into several consecutive slots in a single channel. then enter the tempo desired in the Master channel for each clip ( 60BPM, 65BPM, 70, etc ).

    Then using the launch editor, edit the  follow action mode for each clip to designate how many times the loop plays before playing to the next clip in the channel. 

    using the above method, you can easily create a custom practice session where the loop plays the number of times desired before launching the same loop 5 BPM faster, or however many BPMs faster you wish. You can also edit and change the key of the loops as they launch if you want a real challenge when practicing soloing over loops. Good luck!

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