Hi Mark, thanks alot for the video. Yes, Mr. Eppe has covered alot, but i'm definatley going to refer back to your part with 'chain selecting'.
    The story so far:

    DRUMS: the decision was made to convert the drum midi; having gone through f/x and mastering, all to audio.

    HARDWARE SYNTHS: (Tetra & R3) Midi has been 'consolidated' and sent but i'm not going to have them go through Ableton.

    VOCALS: I'm thinking of perhaps giving my singer 2 mics. 1 going to the house mixer, and the other to Ableton for processing (or maybe i should just have 1 mic and all his vocals going through Ableton? Not sure on this yet).

    VST SYNTHS: I was going to give each it's own channel, but some vst's can't be sent a 'patch change', so i'll have to set up the chain selecting method you mentioned.
    (Razor responds to program changes BUT only the factory presets, not my own.)Other vsts i'll be using are Dune, Curve 2, Synthmaster, and a couple of great free one's called Antopya and Kairatune.
    I really need to get my head around the chain selecting though, as i couldn't figure out how to only have one activated when clicking the scene launch for example.
    dubcore 4 years ago
    Oh, another reply i had elsewhere concering setting up 'Instrument Racks': after dropping all your various patches in the rack, make sure they're not chained and map their on/off button to midi controller. BUT, i would prefer to have this automatically done when going from song to song....
    Basically, i'm having the drums and bass sequenced and i'm going to try and play most of the leads/pads/samples live, unless ofcourse there's too much going on at once.
    dubcore 4 years ago