But I discovered that upon the first installation of Live 9 suite,I could only arm one audio track! The other audio tracks ,I could not arm at all!! Midi tracks were not a problem,using the cntrl button
    I have emailed support,with a status file,and a few crash reports too,they suggested the cntrl button which I tried and know about
    After uninstalling the software,I done a defrag of my hard drive ( as part of a monthly clean up)
    And re installed a fresh copy of Live 9 Suite 32 bit version
    Straight off the bat,I got multiple arming of audio tracks,back again,And no crashes!!! Really weird,
    Must be something like a bug,but I'm no expert,leave that,technical stuff,to you guys n gals!!!
    Overall,really pleased with the software,only just started to learn the new features,a great product,despite a few teething problems
    david.barker 5 years ago
    michael.j.mclaughlin20 5 years ago