Hey, sorry for the incredibly late reply. Here's the track I'm trying to warp:
    al3x094 3 years ago
    Ah I see, there's a weird break before the kick comes in, it actually comes in on the 4 indeed. The actual tempo doesnt change though as far as I can hear so that's not a problem. There's not really a way to fix this if you don't want to mess with the original track since that weird break is a fact and isn't going anywhere ;)
    What you could do is put the original file in arrangement view, simply take the weird break out (select the weird break, delete it and drag the resulting two pieces back together, check if the beat comes in on the 1) and export that, then put the edited version in your DJset.
    Eppe 2 years ago
    Thanks, I'll definitely try that out! :)
    al3x094 2 years ago