Can you record two fixed loop length audio clips at once with push?

Hi guys,

I know that on session view on push you can record more than one audio clip at a time by record arming the channels and pressing pads with empty clips. This however records until you stop record.

Also I know that you can hold select and press an pad while fixed length is on and the track is armed, then when you start recording it will make the audio clip fixed loop length.

PROBLEM: The problem is that I cant seem to able to do both. I cant start recording two audio clips with fixed loop length at once. I want to play a guitar part and sing and have them both loop after two beats. At the moment I have to take my hands away from the guitar to stop record, therefore messing up the loop.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks, Ross


pobbynibbler 4 years ago | 0 comments

2 answers

  • aquashack
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    Maybe use a footswitch to start/stop the recording until this is resolved in the software? Actually this method might even be better as it frees up your hands for initiating the recording too.

    2 years ago | 0 comments
  • giantsteps
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    Yes you can by following the steps in this answer...



    ... And pressing both target record clip pads instead of one.  I haven't done this in awhile and can't remember whether you need to hold the Select button while doing it, so try that if it doesn't work without doing so.

    1 year ago | 0 comments

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