Can someone please help me with my sampling problem?

Hi. I created two samples from two clips from one of my songs so that I could play synths while playing these samples over the synths. The clips are in an Audio track bar and mapped to my drum pads on my Akai MPK 61. However, whenever I play a sample, it has to start a new measure before another one plays. For example, if I press Sample 1, and press my drum pad to play Sample 1 again, it won't loop back to the beginning instantly; however, after a new measure starts, the clip will then start over. Or when I play Sample 1 and while that sample is still playing, I play Sample 2, sample 2 won't start until the start of a new measure. What am I doing wrong? I want that to go away because the delays are ruining what I'm trying to do. The only way I can play a sample when I want it is if I press "Stop" on my Akai MPK 61 midi controller before I play a new sample. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.


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    The reason this is happening is probably because you have your global quantization set to 1 bar. This means everytime you trigger a clip, it won't play untill Ableton gets to the first beat of the next bar. You can find the Quantization menu on the top of the screen, right of the play/stop/record buttons, it probably says '1 Bar' right now. You can click on it so the menu drops down and set it to 'None' (in which case Live will start clips immediately when you trigger them with no regard at all for the tempo, which might cause problems if the samples you're triggering have rhythmic elements to them and need to be triggered on the downbeat of a certain tempo to stay in time) or use a much smaller quantization value like 1/16.

    5 years ago | 1 comment

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