Best way for saving clips TOGETHER with the correct instrument setup


Ive got a question regarding a live setup with ableton....

We are making minimal techno with ableton, a machinedrum, a real drum set, guitar and bass - all improvised everytime we are rehearsing or on stage...

In order to play live with my band I need tracks in ableton with either grouped instruments or single instruments in them so i can intuitively change my favorite sounds/instruments and be able to save the notes i came up with TOGETHER with the preset they sounded nice with.

For performing, i need clips able to fast swap between:

-) Different instruments in a grouped rack via the chain selector and then different presets of the chosen instrument.


-) just different presets of ableton instruments (since they cant handle program changes) for different clips in the same track (so different notes play different presets)

Can i realize this tasks with f.e. clyphX (snap function) or will live 9 automatically save these changes in their clips from now on?
Do ou have any other ideas for me?

Please help me with your expertise, because i can hardly find any info on that elsewhere..

Thanks a lot an have a really nice 2013,



flippo2007 1 year ago | 0 comments

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