I'm an Abelton Live noob hoping for some advice on warping old disco tracks... 

I've heard its kinda hard... However I'm gonna try warping a whole disco track & see what it sounds like...

Do I have to Warp every bar... & what's the best warping settings for these kind of tracks... Or does anyone know any good video tutorials???

+ After I've warped a track how do I save it, or re-record in mp3 or WAV or whatever so I can DJ it in Traktor...???



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  • jaylo
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    yes most tracks all old school are very hard to warp and i usually warp around every 4-8 bars and change the setting in the clip from BEATS to COMPLEX has a much better sound especially when there is so many warp markers - then in the clip when u re finished click save

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  • Near Earth Object
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    I would suggest reading the Ableton Live manual first. Also, if you search in Google, you should run into loads of tutorials and tips.
    The same thing goes for the Ableton forum.

    It is a bit too much to simply explain it here. We all had to learn how it works, and that takes time and practice! So start reading and practice!
    After a while it will become second nature, but you will have to take some effort.
    If you are really lazy, there are even options to let someone else warp the tracks for you.....

    To help you on your way: if you warp a track in Live. You can use the save-button in the sample area to make Live remember the warp settings.
    However, if you want to use those same settings in Traktor, you will have to export the track first. By the way, if you want to use the tracks in Traktor, it makes more sense to use Traktor's settings to adjust cuepoints etc.

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