Ableton 9.0.5 not receiving midi signal

I just got the digidesign rack 003, so far Im using Audio Core driver in Ableton and my interface(rack 003) recognizes my keyboard but ableton does not. Theirs is no signal nothing registering from my keyboard into ableton and i have no idea. 


JohnnyDub 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Happy Tony
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    when u see the light blinking at at the top right of your screen while simaultaneously pressing the midi, its working if thats happening simply arm the track and it will work with sound on module on the midi track such as a synth in the daw.


    If not some midi keyboard controllers i know are for compatible without setting the preferences to arm or whatever in the preferences under midi controller.  Sometimes when you have th esettings wrong in preferences it might interfere.  Really you need not arm the midi,  I believe that is just for remembering the macros on your keyboard(integrated memory between daw and keyboard.

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