A few questions related to recording clips - big delay now after recording, also auto-quantize - can I do it?

I seem to have hit a point in my live set where I either have too many scenes, or too many clips, too many something. Now when I record a clip, the MS Windows spinning doughnut comes up and I can't do anything in live for up to 15 seconds. I think I have ableton set to load all clips in memory for playback, do I need to stream them off the disk instead? I'm running the 32 bit version, so is it possible that I'm running out of memory and swapping to disk? I just started seeing this last practice session after I added a few more songs to the live set?!? Also, adding multiple blank scenes in succession causes Live to get backed up. It has to be a setting, I can't believe doing 25 list<> inserts causes this much spinning.....


Also, does anyone know if it's possible to auto-quantize a recorded loop? It would be analogous to recording a clip, opening the wave form, and then pressing [ctrl]-u to quantize the audio. I'd like to be able to set certain channels to just do this automatically every time a clip is recorded.


And for +10 punk rock points, anyone know the setting to have the screen jump to the scene that was just launched?


Many thanks!


Enorc vs Robot 1 year ago | 0 comments

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