Live 11 Beta Release Notes

11.0b19 Release Notes

New features and improvements:

  • When there is a time selection in the MIDI editor:

    • Velocity Range now has the correct enabled/disabled state depending on whether some notes of the foreground clip are included or not in this selection
    • Velocity Range now displays the correct deviation value that corresponds to the notes included in the time selection
    • Velocity Range now applies only to the notes included in the time selection

      In Multi-Clip Selection:
    • Randomization value is now enabled if only notes from the foreground clips are selected / in time selection, and disabled otherwise (thereby behaving just like the Velocity Range control).
  • Progress dialogs such as the pack installation dialog will now show progress below the bar, to make them easier to read in all themes.
  • Hybrid gets a bit more efficient
  • In Push, Hybrid Reverb Width was renamed to Stereo. Adedd Bass Mono parameter for Hybrid Reverb Global Bank on Push.
  • A lot more convolution impulse responses are available
  • Added info text for linked track indicator.
  • The Track And Clip Colors > Reduced Automatic Colors preference now takes effect immediately rather than at the next loaded song.
  • Users cannot toggle MPE Mode for their Max for Live devices via the context menu anymore. It's up to the device developer to set the "is_mpe" attribute in Max.


  • Fixed that Live shows a "Setup Core Library..." modal dialog on every startup (and not only on the first or after an update).
  • Sometimes when dragging a scene's numerator field and then dragging the denominator field, the numerator would change when dragging the denominator.
  • Live no longer crashes when right-clicking on a Send control in Arrangement view when that Send is controlled by Max (e.g. LFO).
  • Fix that Live would crash when a user clicks on the link button on an arrangement track header and some linked tracks are contained in a folded group track.
  • Users will no longer experience a fatal program crash when loading a True Stereo IR where one of the files is mono.
  • Fix that dragging clips would not move all clips when the selection contains a folded group track.
  • Previously, esp. for audio tracks the start and stop times of recording would differ at tiny bit. That would break the linked editing of those clip starts and stop times across the link.
  • Fixed a reproducible crash when pressing (CMD + A) in Pressure lane (Note Expressions)
  • MIDI notes can be quantized in focus mode and when editing multiple clips.
  • Impulse presets show again sample names.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen while moving tracks with Max for Live devices on it.
  • Fixes swapping when there are no highlights on any take lanes in the selection and fixes selecting take lane on swap from inaudible to audible region.
  • MIDI note names were slightly visible in the envelope editor, especially underneath the "shade" of modulation envelopes.
  • Fix some inconsistencies/bugs with samples/videos without "audio data".
  • Tiny text fixes.
  • This fixes a bug where the Live clip editor would always switch to the expression tab when holding a note by pressing and holding a pad on Push.
  • Fixed a crash when launching a clip via Key/MIDI mapping if the clip is in a track that's grouped at least twice, the outer group track is folded and the "Select on Launch" preference is on.
  • Under Certain Circumstances, an incorrect value would be displayed in the scene's time signature widget in the master track after reordering scenes via drag&drop.
  • The Fold and Scale buttons next to the MIDI editor are now (un)checked correctly after loading a set.
  • The text on buttons showing a multi-selection with different values could show a colored fringe on some UI zoom levels.