Ableton releases new Partner Instrument: Hip Hop Drums by The Loop Loft

Berlin, Germany, March 21, 2012

Ableton and new partner The Loop Loft present Hip Hop Drums, a collection of loops, samples and effects inspired by classic hip hop breaks and one-shots. With 322 Live Clips, 144 MIDI Clips, and 18 Drum Racks, Hip Hop Drums has the live drum sounds you need — pumping kicks that blow air out of the subs, snares that knock, clanging hats, ringing cymbals and a selection of percussion. Rough up the sound with included Effect Racks like sub bass, tape delay, New York-style compression, granular time-stretch and more.

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About The Loop Loft

Headquartered in an historic carriage house in Boston, The Loop Loft blends the warmth of its 200 year old tracking room with the modern sophistication of high-end recording gear. A boutique sample shop, The Loop Loft collaborates with a host of professional musicians to inject human artistry and feel into every eclectic release.

About Ableton

Ableton makes Ableton Live, a unique product for writing, recording and performing music with a computer. Since the company started in 1999, Ableton has attracted an extensive and highly committed community of musicians, composers and DJs worldwide. The company has received outstanding press, awards and customer feedback since the unveiling of Live in October 2001. The company headquarters are located in Berlin, and there is an additional office in New York City. Ableton currently has about 130 employees.

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