Drone Lab

by Ableton

Drone Lab is a place of sustain. Get lost in deep listening with complex, evolving threads of tone and texture, generative noise, multisampled instruments, plus devices and Racks designed for experimentation and improvisation.

USD 59

Included with Push 3

Explore continuous sound using this collection of tones and tools created by Ableton with contributions from experimental techno artist Xosar, ambient producer Ami Dang and the ModeAudio sound design team among others.

Evolving currents

Create and shape calming and meditative, or eerie and unsettling drone sounds with Drone Lab’s Racks. These highly performable Racks encourage you to create constantly shifting strands of sound onstage or in the studio. The evocative names of the Racks’ macros move beyond technical conventions to spark deeper levels of listening and experimentation.

Delve into micro and macro intervals with instruments based on Solfeggio frequencies, Pythagorean tuning, the Indonesian Pelog scale and unique tuning systems which take an experimental approach to Indian temperaments. Conjure thrumming multi-layered soundscapes with the Harmonic Drone Generator – an eight voice Max for Live synth which can be tuned to equal or just intonation, created by Berlin-based musician Expert Math.

Hums, screams and scrapes

A carefully curated selection of samples contains all manner of drawn-out sounds. Ground your productions in thick sub tones, weave in organic elements with bowed guitar, church organ or textural sitar, and add atmosphere with slowly shifting synthetic timbres or natural foley sounds. Give your experiments some grit with electromagnetic fields, waves of guitar feedback and textural elongated percussion. 
Play Live as an instrument with interactive Improvisation Sets – these prepopulated Live sets make use of clips, Follow Actions and Live’s mixer to create generative ambiences. Attune your ears and listen deeply as you improvise, tweak, bring layers in and out, and create your own adaptations of these frameworks. 

Noise and space

The Pack also comes with a set of audio Effect Racks ranging from practical to experimental. Create space with reverbs and delays, generate additional noise, or add some feedback and resonance to the sounds you’re working with. 

Pack contents

600+ Samples

70+ Instrument and Drum Racks

20 Audio Effect Racks

45+ MIDI clips
4 Improvisation Sets
1 Max for Live device

Curated Collections

This Pack is part of a series inspired by our favorite music and created by Ableton in collaboration with leading sound designers.

Included with Push 3

USD 59