Live 11 Beta Release Notes

11.2b7 Versionshinweise


  • When using the "Show Automation" or "Show Modulation" context menu entries on a parameter or using Step Automation on Push, Live now opens the envelope panel and scrolls it into view when the Clip Detail View panels are arranged vertically.
  • Previously, Live's UI would sometimes display stale text content after moving the application from a LowDPI monitor to a HiDPI monitor on macOS.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when loading a plug-in that could not instantiate its presets.
  • Improved Live's performance when many clips are selected or deselected.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when plug-in pop-up dialog boxes appeared as a plug-in or preset was being loaded.
  • Fixed a crash on macOS that occurred when closing a video window in fullscreen mode by double-clicking on the window.

    Fixed a crash on macOS that occurred if a Live Set had only one video clip in it, by briefly closing the video window when moving the clip around. Now when moving a single video clip around, the video window remains open at its current position and size.

11.2b6 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • The error dialog window that appears when loading a Live Set with disabled plug-ins now displays the track name before the timestamp.
  • In beta builds of Live, Metal rendering is enabled on macOS by default to improve UI rendering performance.
  • The Launchkey MK3 Control Surface script now works with the Launchkey 88.
  • Updated various software texts.


  • A selection outline now appears as expected on all clips when multiple clips are selected on a folded track in Arrangement View.
  • Fixed a potential crash on Windows that occurred when closing Live right before the program tried to install default Packs.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred during playback when switching from Arrangement to Session View in Live while in Clip and Note mode on Push.
  • Fixed an issue with various Control Surface scripts that caused clip launch button LEDs to be in an incorrect state when changing the input type of a track.

    When using the ATOM, ATOM SQ, and FANTOM Control Surface scripts, arm button LEDs now reflect a track’s implicit armed state.
  • Fixed a crash when loading a corrupt Live Set containing non-unique Pointee IDs. Live now recognizes if the set is corrupt and displays a corresponding error message. Users can reach out to Support to see if their sets can be repaired.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when restoring a Live Set containing an AUv3 plug-in with automated parameters in a return track.
  • Fixed an issue with certain VST3 plug-ins that created unwanted artifacts in rendered audio.
  • Previously, Live would crash when deleting an instance of Simpler from a Drum Rack pad while the Simpler's Envelopes view is visible on Push.
  • Previously, Live would crash when routing an Ext. Instrument's MIDI output to an MPE routing target if the track's device chain also contained a plug-in, Max for Live device, or certain built-in audio effects.
  • Previously, Live would crash when using the Extract Chain command on a Drum Rack chain that has automation or modulation for the Chain Send Level.
  • Live now uses its own silence detection for AUv2 and AUv3 plug-ins. As a result, certain reverb, delay, and generative audio effects can sustain infinitely after the input signal has gone quiet.

11.2b5 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Updated the "Setting up Audio I/O" Help View lesson.
  • In the DS Drum Rack preset, devices contained in the selected chain are now always shown by default.


  • Fixed a regression that prevented users from expanding Live's collapsed browser by clicking the blank area beneath the "Show/Hide Browser" button.
  • Fixed a regression where the keyboard shortcut [CTRL][F] (Win) / [CMD][F] (Mac) no longer focused the search field for typing if used with the browser closed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused silence and/or hanging notes when recording MIDI notes into clips that already contained those same notes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented tempo-synced AUv3 plug-ins from synchronizing with Live.
  • Improved high DPI support for VST3 plug-ins on Windows:
    * Plug-ins that support high DPI and IPlugViewContentScale should be the correct size.
    * Plug-ins that have their own resizing logic should not resize when the user drags the window around.
    * Plug-in windows are instantiated with the correct size in both scaled and non-scaled modes.
    * Plug-ins that support host-initiated resizing are interrogated by calling checkSizeContraint in the correct place.
    * Plug-ins that support host-initiated resizing can be maximized by double-clicking on the title bar.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening the context menu of a clip in the Arrangement when different types of clips were also selected.

11.2b4 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Updated the software texts for the Tension device.


  • The context menu for Time Signature Change markers in Arrangement View now appears as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that deselected AUv2 and AUv3 plug-ins after duplicating a selected plug-in.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using the header area of a time selection to select time in a MIDI clip when in the Expression tab.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading a Live Set with plug-in automation on the Master track, or on a return or group track.
  • Live no longer hangs or crashes in certain scenarios when the Grammarly macOS app is concurrently running.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when VST plug-ins requested the dedicated GPU, or when the user changed the macOS Battery "Automatic graphic switching” preference.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening Live Sets containing VST plug-ins with a selected preset that was different from the first option in the preset bank.
  • When first opening a Live version with the Follow System I/O feature on macOS, Live will retain the previous audio settings and the “Use System Default” preference will be switched off.

11.2b3 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements

Capture MIDI

  • Capture results are no longer influenced by the song tempo set by the target track's previous Capture attempts.

  • When Live’s transport is running, Capture MIDI will keep longer phrases in captured clips.

Control Surfaces

  • In the Launchkey MK3 Control Surface script, the Quantise button can now quantize clips in Session or Arrangement View.

  • On the PreSonus ATOM SQ, it is now possible to scroll between device parameter banks by holding the bank navigation buttons down.

  • Fixed an issue in the SL_MKIII Control Surface script that resulted in incorrect LED button states when exiting Drum Mode.

  • In the ATOM SQ Control Surface script, it is now possible to control the Master Track volume and pan in Song mode when the Master Track is selected.

  • The encoder sensitivity for the ATOM SQ Control Surface script has been refined to better match the parameters they control. Additionally, the encoders can be used to fine tune parameter values when the Shift button is pressed.

Core Library

  • Added audio and MIDI clips to Session View in Live’s Demo Song.


  • The icons in Live’s Preferences and dialogs have been improved.

  • Live now shows different icons for Live Clip (.alc) files that distinguish between Audio and MIDI content in the browser.

  • When renaming tracks, [Tab] will navigate to the next track or chain header, while [Shift][Tab] navigates to the previous track or chain header.

  • Value ranges on vertical rulers in the MIDI Note Editor are now always displayed as two values stacked vertically.

  • Improved drag and drop behavior within list views (such as the Groove Pool and device chains). Instead of always being inserted before the target item, dropped items will now be placed dynamically, depending on which half of the target item the cursor hovers over. In addition, the copy modifier [ALT] now works more consistently.

  • When Num Lock is switched off on Windows, the number pad arrows, PgUp, PgDn, Home, and End keys now function as expected.

  • Disabled devices now display an alert icon above error messages in Device View.

  • Updated various info texts.

  • Updated the What's New in Live lesson.

Max for Live

  • Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.3.1. For the changelog, visit:

    • live.banks: added warnings to explain non-reactivity in Max-only

    • Dynamic Colors: changed label of ‘live_control_fg’ to ‘Text /Icon’

    • jweb / CEF: fixed usage in Max for Live (Windows)

    • live.* ui objects: updated color code

    • live.banks: banks configuration is retained if device is opened and saved in Max

    • live.comment: linecount is preserved

    • live.gain~: @orientation 1 typed-in a box works as expected

    • live.gain~: auto-adapts when transforming to MC version

    • fixed value output after opening/closing Max editor

    • crosspatch: works in the context of a Max for Live device hosted in Live

    • Max for Live / Gen: improved fixes for intermittent crashes

  • Audio driver input and output latencies are now taken into account for Max for Live devices that contain audio routings to external targets. If needed, users can revert to the previous behavior by using the -DisableM4LRoutingCompensation debug option in an Options.txt file.

  • The time_signature_numerator, time_signature_denominator, time_signature_enabled and tempo_enabled properties are now available in the Max for Live API. Corrected descriptions for the properties have also been added.

  • Improved and updated the scale_name and scale_intervals descriptions in the Max for Live API.

New Devices and Device Improvements

  • Reverb:

    • The Reverb device's interface has been updated with a fresh design.

    • The Reverb device's Density and Quality parameters have been renamed to Diffusion and Density. The parameter values for Density (previously Quality) have also been changed from Eco, Mid, and High to Sparse, Low, Mid, and High. Sparse mode allows for lower CPU usage.

    • Added a Smooth drop-down menu to the Reverb device. You can now specify how the Size parameter responds when changed using the Smooth options None, Slow, or Fast.

    • Setting Smooth to None means that some artifacts may occur when changing the Size parameter values. The Slow and Fast options ensure that new delay times are updated over a specific period of time, resulting in a more musical sound.

    • Added a switchable filter type to the High filter in Reverb’s Diffusion Network. You can choose between a one-pole lowpass filter or a low-shelf filter.

    • Optimized for better CPU performance.

  • Tuner:

    • The Tuner device now includes three new options for note spellings. You can access a menu with these options when you right-click anywhere within Tuner's UI:

      • Sharps (C#)

      • Flats (D♭)

      • Sharps and Flats (C#/D♭)

    • It is now possible to zoom out to a full octave in Tuner's Histogram View by clicking the interface and dragging the cursor horizontally.

  • In the Phaser-Flanger device, the Phase parameter of the LFO now has a default value of 180 degrees.

  • The Excitator section of the Tension device is now called “Exciter” in Live and on Push.

  • A context menu option for a Hi-Quality mode has been added to the Delay device. Switching off Hi-Quality uses less CPU resources.

  • The Channel EQ device now uses less CPU resources.

  • Presets containing the Saturator device now run with improved CPU usage.

  • Inactive visualization data will no longer be sent in the Wavetable and Phaser devices, resulting in slightly improved performance.

  • When mapping and unmapping device parameters to Macros, the Map/Unmap labels now appear as expected.

  • A Hi-Quality option has been added to the [right-click](Win) / [CTRL-click](Mac) context menu of the Redux device. Using Redux with Hi-Quality switched off saves some extra CPU.


  • Added native support for AUv3 plugins on macOS 10.15 or higher.

    • Live's Preferences now include options to enable both AUv2 and AUv3 plug-ins.

  • Plug-in errors are now shown in Live’s Status Bar, along with a linked detailed error report.


  • Push 2 mappings for the Reverb device have been redesigned to include parameters for new features.

  • On Push 2, the parameter names of the AAS devices (Analog, Collision, Tension and Electric) have been improved and aligned with the UI for readability.

Session View Improvements

  • It is now possible to simultaneously rename multiple rack chains in Session View.

  • When navigating tracks and device chains using the left arrow key in Session View, navigation will stop at the first track header as expected.


  • To avoid incompatibilities, you will be asked to save Live Sets created with an older version of Live as a new file in Live 11.2.

  • Live's Audio Preferences now include an option to follow system settings for Input and Output on macOS. When enabled, changes made to system audio preferences are also reflected in Live.

  • Renamed the Customization section of Live's Preferences to Display Customization, which now also includes the Zoom Display setting.


Live Bugfixes

  • Fixed the appearance of the Phaser-Flanger device's Env Fol parameter when the device is deactivated.

  • Fixed a bug that would stop the manual freeze output when switching the Spectral Time device's Freezer Fade Shape from Crossfade to Envelope mode.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Corpus device to output silence when using larger buffer sizes on Windows.

  • Added info texts for the Frz > Dly and Dly > Frz toggles in the Spectral Time device.

  • Added a missing info text for the Env Amt parameter in Collision’s Noise Filter section.

  • Fixed some issues with the LFO and MPE Control devices.

  • The dropdown menu for Reverb's Density parameter is now 2px wider to avoid cutting off the word "Sparse.”

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an invalid selection when selecting all chains in a Drum Rack in Session View.

  • On Windows, Live’s UI now refreshes as expected after tapping [ALT] to open the main menu.

  • Opening a context menu on Windows with the keyboard shortcut [Shift][F10] no longer changes the time selection in Arrangement View, Session scene selection, or browser selection.

  • On Windows, opening a context menu with the [Shift][F10] keyboard shortcut no longer changes the selected Session track header or Session clip.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause artifacts when using the Complex or Complex Pro warping mode on clips that were only slightly warped.

  • Fixed an issue that caused unnecessary freeze tail clips when freezing and flattening clips with small gaps between them.

  • Fixed a bug that caused MIDI notes and audio waveforms to jiggle slightly when adjusting clip edges in Arrangement View.

  • Selecting a velocity or probability marker and typing in a number sets the value as expected.

  • When Rack Macro Controls and chains are unfolded, the Rand and Map buttons are now properly aligned.

  • When showing or hiding chains in a Rack, the buttons would previously move up and down depending on the view shown. These buttons are now evenly spaced at all times.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Session clips to be added over Arrangement clips when copying a track in Session View and pasting it into Arrangement View.

  • Fixed an issue that caused inconsistent time signatures when launching scenes with specific time signatures in Session View, and then quickly going back to the Arrangement View. This issue could also cause the Re-enable Automation button to become stuck.

  • When a track is frozen, the Velocity Range slider will now freeze as expected in MIDI clips.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the keyboard shortcut to expand Clip View [CTRL][ALT][E] (Win) / [CMD][OPT][E] (Mac) from working when switching from Session View to Arrangement View (or vice versa) when no clip was selected.

  • Selecting time in the MIDI Velocity Editor now works as expected when multi-clip editing.

  • When a user changes the MIDI Envelope Auto-Reset option in a set, they will be prompted to save the changes when they close the set or quit Live.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Live to hang when zooming out of a clip with a small loop region that was being recorded.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading certain Live Sets containing more than 1,000 tracks.

  • Fixed a potential crash when opening old Live Sets that contained devices that have since been removed from Live.

  • AU plug-ins are now informed about silent inputs so that they can release CPU resources and report output silence if possible. This will allow any device in the device chain after the AU plug-in to release CPU resources as well.

  • Fixed an issue that caused note feedback to break when using certain Control Surface script interactions, such as repeatedly switching the note layout on Push while a MIDI clip was playing.

  • Fixed an issue that inadvertently showed blue hand icons and device locking options for particular device control features not available in some Control Surface scripts.

  • Fixed a bug that kept internal buffers of VST3 plug-ins from resetting properly. As a result of this fix, lingering signals (like reverb and delay tails) are now reset before audio export starts. Lingering signals can also be cut off quickly by clicking the Stop button three times.

Max for Live Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug where adding Expression Control would create unnecessary undo steps.

11.1.5b6 Versionshinweise


  • Fixed an issue on macOS that caused Live to crash when clicking on the linked release notes in Live's Status Bar.

11.1.5b5 Versionshinweise


  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect freeze/flatten results for tracks containing the External Instrument device that received input from other tracks where automation influences their output.
  • The encoder sensitivity for the KeyLab and KeyLab 88 Control Surface scripts has been reverted to its initial setting.

11.1.5b4 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Live shows a link to the release notes in the status bar while downloading, and once the download is complete.
  • Added support for the sharp symbol ("♯") for Control Surface scripts that display parameter values.


  • Fixed a bug that caused missing MIDI notes when drawing with the pencil tool in quick or large gestures while multi-clip editing.
  • Fixed a bug on macOS that distorted the appearance of mouse cursors on HiDPI/Retina screens.
  • Improved Live’s performance when resizing clips in Arrangement View.
  • Fixed a speculative issue with Audio Units parameters that have type MIDINoteNumber, have no display names attached to their values, and have a value range that does not begin at zero.

11.1.5b3 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • The FANTOM control surface script will now be automatically configured for FANTOM 06, 07, and 08 users.
  • Updated the software texts for the Collision instrument.
  • Updated various software texts.


  • Fixed a bug that caused note-off and pitch bend reset messages to be sent to all routed MIDI outputs when the device chain of any track changed.
  • Fixed an issue for VST3 plug-in development that caused projectTimeSamples to sometimes be incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug that caused loud audio spikes in Wavetable under rare circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where setting a play marker in the Arrangement View would disrupt MIDI Control Surface mapping to Live's Song Time parameter.
  • Fixed an issue in the SL_MkIII control surface script that caused the knob widgets of the displays to move abruptly.
  • Fixed an issue in the SL_MkIII control surface script that created unnecessary undo steps when adjusting volume with the sliders.
  • Fixed the device selection behavior of several Control Surface Scripts (such as APC Mini and Launch Control XL) so that it no longer interferes when selecting chains within an unfolded Drum or Instrument Rack in Session View.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Live to incorrectly show video clips on the uppermost track (instead of the bottommost track) in Live Sets with multiple overlapping video clips.
  • Selecting Jump from the Follow Action drop-down menu now shows the text Jump (the full text is slightly cut off). The Follow Action Chance percentages are also now aligned to the right.

11.1.5b2 Versionshinweise


  • If making a time selection with the mouse in multi-clip editing mode, the time selection will be preserved when clicking and dragging a note from the background clip.
  • In multi-clip editing, selecting multiple notes by dragging the mouse right to left and then moving the selected notes now works as expected.
  • Fixed an issue in several control surface scripts (such as ATOMSQ and KeyLab_Essential) that created unnecessary undo steps when adjusting parameters.
  • Fixed an issue that caused time signatures changes in Arrangement View to be removed when freezing a track that also contained Session View clips.
  • Fixed a crash caused by adding certain plug-ins (such as Omnisphere) to a track and then undoing the action. Live would also sometimes crash when trying to re-open the same Live Set after the initial crash.
  • File and folder names that include special characters can now be opened as normal from Live’s browser.

11.1.5b1 Versionshinweise

New Features and Improvements:

  • When renaming multiple scenes via the context menu, the edit area will appear on the scene that you right-click and the scene selection will be preserved even if a highlighted scene was not selected.

  • The Expand Clip Detail View shortcut is only enabled when it makes sense, e.g., when a clip is selected and the Clip View is visible.

  • When collapsing the Clip View (for example by using the shortcut [OPT][CMD][L]) while it’s expanded and then re-opening it again, Clip View comes back in its expanded size as expected.

  • Clip borders are now drawn using opaque color to improve visibility.

  • Users will see shorter names for certain values (e.g. waveform shapes) in various devices on Push 2.

  • In Arrangement View, the right-click context menu grid setting options now appear as expected, even when there are various time signatures in the Arrangement.

  • When a new software update is available and your auto-update preferences are set to Ask Me, a link to the latest release notes is included in Live’s status bar notification. 

  • Updated software texts and Help View lessons in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese.

Max for Live Updates and Improvements:

  • Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.2.2. For the complete changelog visit:

  • amxd~: eliminated extra border added to device after being dragged into patcher

  • amxd~: improved error message object identification

  • Dynamic Colors: default Max for Live device patcher background color follows Live's theme

  • Dynamic Colors: loadtime improvements

  • jsliveapi: ensure boxpath (fixes M4L.chooser issues)

  • live.dial: Fixed triangle color

  • live.gain~: fixed cursor location on mouse up

  • live.step: dynamic colors work as expected

  • Max for Live Device Projects: dirty the device when dependencies are added

  • Max for Live Patter device: fixed crash on load (Live 11.1.b8)

  • Max for Live unique identifier / ---: maintained when loading poly~ patchers

  • panel: fixed enabling / disabling window_drag in Max for Live device subpatchers

  • It is possible to unset the property when using by sending a property message without an argument (or property “”) without Max printing a warning to the console.

  • Max for Live users now have access to the duplicate_notes_by_id function of the Clip LOM object.

  • The view properties of the Wavetable and Compressor devices are now available in the Max for Live API.

  • In the Max for Live API, get_notes_extended, get_all_notes_extended, get_selected_notes_extended and get_notes_by_id now optionally take their arguments in the form of a single dict. This dict can have an additional key or filters mapped to a list of note property names. If filters are provided, the returned dictionaries will only contain the specified properties rather than the full note descriptions.


  • When a warped clip is frozen, the Grain Size parameter of the Tones warp mode is also frozen.

  • Fixed a visual bug that caused small time selections to flicker when zooming out in Arrangement View.

  • Fixed a regression that impaired Live's ability to deliver host information to VST2 plug-ins.

  • When renaming multiple clips in Arrangement or Session view via the context menu, the edit area will be shown in the clip that you right-click.

  • Fixed an issue that occurred by navigating with the Tab key when renaming multiple clips.

  • ​​Fixed a bug that caused preset parameters to load incorrectly in VST plug-ins on Apple M1 machines.

  • The clip names of frozen take lane clips now appear as expected in Draw Mode.

  • Extending an unwarped clip past the original clip end now functions as expected.

  • When Draw Mode is enabled, grid lines will appear as expected in take lane clips.

  • The time selection of folded tracks in Automation Mode now appears as expected.

  • Using [Tab] and [Shift][Tab] while renaming tracks now allows the user to cycle between the first and last tracks in Arrangement View.

  • In multi-clip editing, the Transpose and Velocity range sliders now become activated/deactivated as expected based on note/time selection.

  • Fixed an issue that caused extra spacing to appear in track title bars when deleting multiple tracks.

  • Fixed an issue that caused duplicate send letters in a return chain when renaming the chain in a Drum Rack.

  • Fixed a small bug with multi-clip editing where some notes would not be selected properly in certain scenarios.

  • On Push 2, the Frequency and Width parameters for the Corpus device are now displayed correctly.

  • Scrollbars appear as expected when a long list of items is displayed.

  • Consolidating audio clips no longer takes additional time when plug-ins are on corresponding return tracks.

  • Navigation behavior between take lanes, clips, scenes, and tracks is now more consistent.

  • Fixed an issue that caused tracks that were copied and pasted into an automation lane or take lane in Arrangement View to be added to the last track position.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause Live to crash or hang when unplugging the audio output device during export.

  • Fixed an issue that caused scanning VST plug-ins from Live’s Preferences on Apple Silicon computers to take longer than expected.

  • Scanning VST2 and VST3 custom folder paths now works as expected.

  • Duplicating time between two time signature change markers no longer adds an unexpected duplicate time signature change marker in the Arrangement.

  • Updated values for automated MIDI CCs are now sent when scrubbing in the Arrangement or setting an Arrangement insert marker, even on armed MIDI tracks.

  • MIDI CC automations from the clip will play when the track monitor mode is set to “In” which is consistent with how other automations are played back.

  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when selecting tracks that contained missing VST2 plug-ins.

  • Fixed a crash that happened when adding a preset of an unavailable plug-in to the end of a device chain.

  • Fixed a crash caused by adding MIDI Effect Racks onto MIDI tracks that were routed to one another but contained no instruments in their device chains.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening Flux:: VST2 plug-ins.

  • The Auto option in the piano roll’s Accidentals context menu now always displays the actual spelling used.

  • Fixed several issues with the MackieControl and MackieControl_Classic control surface scripts that resulted in button LEDs being left in incorrect states.

  • The KeyLab and KeyLab88 control surfaces no longer cause Live to lag when active. In addition, the sensitivity of the encoders has been increased for both control surfaces.

  • Setting a property on a without a valid LOM ID no longer causes a warning to be printed to the Max console.

11.1b12 Versionshinweise


  • General refinements for Live on Apple Silicon machines.

11.1b11 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • The MIDI Shaper device has been renamed to Shaper MIDI.
    When opening Live Sets created in previous betas that contain Shaper MIDI, the device will load as expected and display its updated name.


  • MIDI notes and waveforms no longer jiggle when dragging a clip back and forth from its left edge.
  • Fixed an issue that caused unwarped clips to auto-scroll or flicker when retriggered by Follow Actions.
  • Activating Draw Mode when notes are selected in the MIDI Note Editor will no longer deselect notes in the same clip when drawing in new notes.
    When using Draw Mode in the MIDI Note Editor, drawing notes while holding [Shift] will add new notes without removing previously selected notes.
    When multi-clip editing adjacent clips, pressing [Shift] and double-clicking in the MIDI Note Editor will create a note as expected.

11.1b10 Versionshinweise


  • Fixes a bug that caused Live to sometimes continue scrolling or zooming while holding the mouse button pressed but not moving the mouse.
  • Increments for the Coarse Parameter in Ring Mod Mode in the Shifter Device are now adjusted similarly to Freq mode, when using the keyboard.
  • MPE control: Fixes a regression where the Push banks would not be displayed anymore.
  • Prevent a crash when dropping a device into a device chain.
  • Fixed crashes on windows involving a VST3 plugin or Max for Live.
  • Fix that dragging multiple drum rack chains into "X of Y Chains Selected" panel would crash Live.
  • Fixes a crash during freeze or render.
  • When using the Mackie Control control surface script, the LED of the Mixer button will now reflect the state of Live's Follow behavior.
  • Fixed several issues with the MackieControl and MackieControl_Classic control surface scripts that resulted in button LEDs being left in incorrect states.
  • Fix that Assigned grooves are lost when using Max for Live "duplicate_clip_to_arrangement" API function to duplicate a Session clip to Arrangement.

11.1b9 Versionshinweise


  • On Windows, when closing a Vst3 plugin windows, Live's window no longer disappears in the back.
  • In sets with a large number of scenes, Live's UI no longer lags when changing a parameter value with MIDI CC.
  • Fixed that certain AU instruments no longer output sound.

11.1b8 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Updated software texts and the What’s New Lesson for 11.1.
  • REX files (.rx2, .rcy) are now supported on Apple silicon machines.
  • In Clip View when an audio clip is selected, the Pitch dial is now smaller and the Gain slider has been enlarged.
  • Clip View can now be toggled to its maximum height using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+E (Win) / CMD+OPT+E (Mac) or the View menu entry “Expand Clip Detail View.”
  • Entries for switching between different Clip View panel properties have been added to the View menu, along with their corresponding keyboard shortcuts.
  • Users can now get and observe the average_process_usage, peak_process_usage,
    and a track's performance_impact via Max for Live.
  • Using the Shifter device in Pitch mode now uses about 20% less CPU. Slight sound changes may occur when using long crossfade envelope lengths compared to previous beta versions.


  • Fixed an issue that occurred when changing a clip’s color in Session View; other selected clips in Arrangement View would also be changed, even if they had not been selected in Session View.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when frequently switching the Max for Live Note Delay device on and off in between note on and off messages.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when unfolding Demo Song tracks from certain Live Packs in the browser.
  • Fixed an issue with the Note Length MIDI effect that caused the incorrect velocity to be generated in release mode if a note was released after recording in a loop.
  • The Launchpad Mini MK3 control surface script now works as expected when pressing the Scene Launch Buttons after entering and then existing Session Overview.
  • The effect order in the Spectral Time device now appears as expected when initialized.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Scale MIDI Effect to cut off played notes if the scale was set to a single note.
  • AU plug-ins are now informed about silent inputs so that they can release CPU resources and report output silence if possible. This will allow any device in the device chain after the AU plug-in to release CPU resources as well.
  • The Spectral Time device now works as expected when long delay times are set.
  • Fixed a crash on Windows that occurred if a dialog window opened while a context menu was also visible.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause MIDI notes to be occasionally skipped when using the Analog and Tension devices.
  • The DS Kick instrument now sounds the same when played repeatedly in fast sequence.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Push to get stuck on the logo screen.

11.1b7 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • The sample information is now displayed in a larger font when Clip View properties are arranged vertically.
  • Added software text translations in DE, ES, FR, IT, JA, and ZH.
  • Slightly increased the vertical margins around Clip View panels when arranged vertically.
  • Changed the colors used for unavailable Clip View tab selectors.
  • Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.2.1
    • fixed outlet functionality (fixes Inspired by Nature Max for Live devices)
    • live.scope~ / live.adsrui: updated icons
    • umenu: improved popup positioning with multiple displays at mixed resolution/zoom
    • Windows: increased main thread stack size to match OSX (8 MB)


  • The layout mode for Clip View properties is now saved correctly as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that caused MPE pitch bend breakpoints to be removed if a note transformation, such as Quantization, was applied.
  • Fixed a crash caused by certain plug-in parameters if they no longer existed in a newer version of the plug-in. Plug-in parameters that are no longer available will be displayed as deactivated.
  • Fixed a crash caused by pasting a track in Arrangement View immediately after scrolling with a mouse wheel or trackpad.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting the last scene in Group Tracks under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed different VST2 plug-in names in Live’s browser than the names shown in the user’s plug-in folder on Windows.
  • Fixed a crash caused by dragging a devices chain that contained certain plug-in devices from Live’s browser onto a track.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when drawing notes in adjacent clips in Arrangement View in certain scenarios.
    Drawing notes across multiple adjacent clips in Arrangement View now works as expected.

11.1b6 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • In the Shifter device, moving through pitch shifting back to 0 (e.g. no pitch shift) will sound smoother.
    Note: There may still be volume changes between no pitch shift and pitch shift amounts due to the difference between the dry and shifted signals (small amounts of shift cause phase cancellations).
  • Sample information can be displayed or hidden by using the right-click context menu option “Show Sample Information” from the Clip View’s title bar.
  • The divider between the clip detail view panels and the clip content can now be dragged horizontally to switch between horizontal/vertical and folded mode. The menu entries to switch to horizontal or vertical mode have been removed; dragging the divider is the only way to switch to these modes.
    A menu item to toggle automatic mode on or off remains.
  • Live now shows mouse cursors pointing in a single direction when hovering over split views which can be resized in one direction only. For example, this is the case with the splitter between the session/arrangement view and the device detail view: The device detail view can't be made bigger, but only dragged closed by dragging down. The cursor now indicates this by pointing down only. Similarly, when the detail view is closed, the resize cursor indicates that it can only be dragged up to open it. Note: These cursors are currently available on Mac only.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the Max for Live device MPE Control to block MIDI Program Change messages.
  • Text now appears as expected in Live’s Preferences and the Multiband Dynamics device.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Freezer section of the Spectral Time device to remain active even if the device itself was deactivated.
  • Fixed a bug where Live no longer loaded an Instrument Rack
  • Live won't fail to auto-update anymore on certain Windows computers.

11.1b5 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.2.0


  • Fixed an issue on Apple silicon computers where Drum Racks nested inside of an Instrument Rack could produce CPU overload and audio dropouts even when many of the nested chains were silent.
  • Selecting time on return tracks in Arrangement View now works as expected.
  • Fixed an issue in several Control Surface scripts that resulted in incorrect LED button states when deleting tracks.
  • Control Surfaces are now represented by their LOM ID as expected when retrieving the list of control_surfaces via live_app in Max for Live.

11.1b4 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Updated the Clip View display options in the View menu.
  • Updated Clip View info texts and warp mode info texts.
  • Added support for keyboard shortcuts on French keyboard layouts for macOS versions 10.14 and older. Keyboard shortcuts that have numbers can be accessed without having to press Shift to access the number keys.
  • When switching between panels in Clip View using the keyboard shortcuts ALT + 1/2/3, the panel header that was switched to will be selected.
  • If Clip View is arranged horizontally when Live is first opened and either the Audio or Notes tab is selected, the corresponding panels in both audio and MIDI clips will remain unfolded when switching to Clip View’s vertical arrangement.
  • The waveform displays in the Max for Live devices Envelope Follower and Shaper now appear as expected.
  • Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.2.0 Beta 6465d36.


  • Fixed a crash caused by copying and pasting a device from the browser into a Drum Rack’s return chain in the Session Mixer under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a crash caused by clicking in a certain area of the Sample Editor when editing unwarped audio clips in Clip View.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if a user tried to change the scale of a Live Set from Push while having the Focus mode in multi-clip editing on without a clip selected.
  • Removing the MIDI mapping of the Pitch control in audio clips using the Delete key works as expected.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Pitch parameter in audio clips to move too quickly when “Pen Tablet Mode” was enabled in Live’s Preferences.
    Fixed a crash caused by pressing Tab or Shift-Tab while holding the mouse cursor on a parameter in Clip View.
  • In audio clips, setting the Pitch parameter to -50 cents lowers the main pitch value by one semitone and causes the cents pitch transposition value to then jump to +50.
  • In Draw Mode, when Pitch Lock is off, users will now get consistent results: a line/curve of notes will follow mouse movement without producing gaps or unexpected layers.

    In Draw Mode, when Pitch Lock is on, users can draw back and forth along a key track without removing any notes that are placed underneath (the same as in Live versions prior to 11.0).
  • When syncing Live to an external MIDI clock, if the MIDI clock signal gets lost, the Ext Sync button will switch off after the dialog in Live appears saying that the signal has been lost.
  • Fixed a crash caused by pressing the Reverse button in multi-clip editing mode if the time selection did not match the time range of the selected notes.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when expanding a track with devices in a Live Set that was added to Collections.
  • The grid spacing is now displayed in the MIDI editor as expected after warping and unwarping audio clips.
  • Fixed a crash caused by drawing MIDI notes in the lowest key track of the MIDI editor.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if Live couldn’t create or access a database at start time.
  • Clip View panels now appear as expected when recording into a new clip.
  • Fixed an issue when resizing audio clips in Arrangement View using the mouse and Shift key that caused clips to continually be resized even after letting go of the mouse.

11.1b3 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements

Native Apple Silicon Support

  • Live 11.1 adds native support for Apple M1 computers. 

  • Note: The beta auto-update from 11.0.10b3 is still based on the Intel architecture. If you are on an M1 machine, please download the universal installer from Centercode.

Arrangement View Improvements

  • You can use the Arrow Left key to navigate from an automation lane or take lane to the main track, this will fold the lanes as well. You can also use the Arrow Left key to navigate from tracks in a group to the main Group Track.

  • The Arrow Left/Right shortcut has been added to the Arrangement Track Title Bar info text. The shortcut folds/unfolds the track.

  • The Arrow Left/Right shortcut has been added to the Toggle Additional Automation Lanes info text. The shortcut folds/unfolds additional automation lanes.


  • A new Devices icon has been added to Live’s Browser: 

    • When viewing Sets in the browser, you will see a Devices icon for device chains on a track that contain at least one device.

    • When you expand a Live Set in the browser, either from the Current Project folder, Templates folder, or a folder of Sets you have added in Places, you can unfold the tracks in the Set to reveal their device chains. These chains can then be moved into the current open Set using drag and drop or by double-clicking on the chain. The Device settings from the original Set are retained but any previously recorded automation is not.

Capture MIDI

  • In the first captured MIDI clip (in an empty set with the transport stopped), if the detected loop is eight bars or less, the first played note is considered the start of the loop.

  • When only one note is played in the first captured MIDI clip (in an empty set with the transport stopped), the loop boundaries are set to the note start and end, and the tempo is accordingly calculated, resulting in a one, two, four, or eight bar loop. This is particularly useful when playing a rhythmical sample with a single MIDI note.

  • In Session View, new captured clips now use the “Adaptive Grid: Narrow” setting instead of “Fixed Grid: 1/16.”

Clip View

  • Added responsive Clip View options:

    • In Clip View, all clip properties are now displayed in tabs instead of additional panels. The tabs in Clip View can be arranged vertically or horizontally by selecting “Arrange Clip View Panels Vertically” or “Arrange Clip View Panels Horizontally” from the View menu. 

    • When Clip View panels are arranged vertically, the individual tabs (e.g. Clip, Audio, Envelopes, etc) can be collapsed and expanded using the arrow icon to the right of the tab header.

    • When Clip View panels are arranged vertically, the individual tabs (e.g. Clip, Audio, Envelopes, etc) can be folded/unfolded using the Arrow Left/Right keys.

    • Sample information for audio clips (e.g. sample name, sample rate, etc) is also displayed in the Clip View and appears differently in the vertical/horizontal view modes.

    • Clip View panels can now be accessed using keyboard shortcuts. In MIDI clips, ALT + 1 switches to the Notes panel, ALT + 2 switches to the Envelopes panel, and ALT + 3 switches to the Note Expression panel. In audio clips, ALT + 1 switches to the Sample panel and ALT + 2 switches to the Envelopes panel.

    • The chosen Responsive Clip View mode is now saved in Live’s Preferences.cfg file. 

  • When multiple audio clips are selected, the sample properties (sample rate, bit depth, and channel count) for all samples will be displayed in the Clip View. If a value is not the same for all samples, the character “*” will be displayed. In Clip View, you will also see the total number of samples selected.


  • You can now duplicate selected take lanes using the keyboard shortcuts CMD + D (Mac) / CTRL + D (Win), or by right-clicking on the take lane header and selecting “Duplicate.”

  • Changing the color of a clip in a take lane changes the color of the corresponding clip in the track’s main lane and vice versa. Splits are created on the updated clips in certain cases when the relation between other highlights on different clips change.

  • The horizontal lines that separate multiple take lanes match the color of the clips that are in those lanes.

  • When renaming multiple tracks or take lanes using the context menu option, you will see the edit field when you right-click on a track or take lane.

Control Surfaces

  • When navigating between devices on a selected track with the PreSonus ATOM SQ, you can now scroll between devices by holding the navigation buttons down. 

  • If an invalid CC, note, or channel value is used in a UserConfiguration.txt file, the associated User Remote Script can still be loaded.

CPU Meter

  • The CPU meter drop-down menu now can be customized to display:

    • both the Average or Current CPU usage levels

    • only the Average level, with the Current level switched off

    • only the Current level, with the Average level switched off

  • Alternatively, the CPU meter can also be switched off entirely.

  • By default, Live will not display the Current level; it must be enabled from the drop-down menu.


  • You can use the left and right arrow keys to navigate radio buttons anywhere in Live. If you are navigating radio buttons on a device that is inside of a Rack with the left and right arrow keys, you can get back to moving between devices in the Rack using the left and right arrow keys by hitting the ESC key.

  • In Session and Arrangement View, the Monitor radio buttons now have a default state that can be restored. When the In/Out section is expanded, you can press the Delete key to reset the Monitor radio buttons to the default (“Off” for audio tracks and “Auto” for MIDI tracks). This option is also accessible via the Edit menu option “Return to Default.”

  • The Quantize Settings dialog buttons in the MIDI Note Editor now say “Apply” and “Close” instead of “OK” and “Cancel.”

  • Deactivated device title bars are easily readable in all Live Themes, even if the device is selected.

  • An error message will be displayed in the status bar if an auto-update cannot be downloaded.

  • Added a new "MIDI Envelope Auto-Reset" entry to the Options menu: 

    • When enabled, certain MIDI control message types that are not automated for a given clip will automatically reset at the start of a new clip. 

    • Note: for users who intentionally work opposite to this behavior, enabling this change will make corresponding Live Sets behave differently. 

    • In Live 11.0.5, "MIDI Envelope Auto-Reset" is disabled by default. 

    • In Live 11.1, "MIDI Envelope Auto-Reset" is enabled by default for new Sets, and disabled by default in older Sets.

  • Updated various info texts.

  • Updated some Help View lessons.

Core Library

  • Frequency Shifter presets are still available in Core Library/Devices/Audio Effects/Legacy/Frequency Shifter

Max for Live

  • Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.2.0 Beta 665eec0.

  • It is now possible to call select_notes_by_id on a Clip object in Max for Live, passing a list of note IDs. This will select only those notes that have the provided IDs.

  • Link functions have been added to the Max for Live API.

  • You can access the IDs of newly created notes using the Python API or the Max for Live API. 

  • It is possible to get a dictionary of all the notes in a MIDI clip using the Python API or Max for Live.

  • When Max fails to load, an error message will be displayed that contains a link to a Knowledge Base article that explains potential causes for the issue and steps to take to resolve it.

  • Error reporting in the Max Window is more consistent.

  • Four new theme colors are available in Max for Live.

  • amxd~: ‘realtime_params’ attr for realtime report of parameter data from outlets

  • Dynamic Colors: ability to use a name which references a dynamic color (follows Live or Max color themes)

  • live.adsr~ / live.adsrui: new objects


  • Added an MPE Settings dialog box to the I/O section of Live’s mixer. You can use the settings to:

    • configure the MPE zone and range of note channels used by Live when sending MPE to an external MIDI device or plug-in 

    • select the upper or lower zone and number of note channels 

    • select multi-channel mode, which sets an arbitrary range of note channels

  • The above MPE settings can be used for hardware synths that require a specific MPE configuration, or plug-ins that do not officially support MPE but can be used with MPE controllers due to their multi-timbral support. 

Multi-Clip Editing

  • Time selection interactions, note selection interactions, and new note editing options have been added to multi-clip editing:

    • Time in the MIDI Note Editor can be selected across loop and clip boundaries.

    • Note editing (e.g. copy, cut, paste, delete) can be used when working with note selections across clips and loop boundaries. 

    • Notes can be cut or copied from multiple clips and inserted into the same set of clips, as long as the clip selection/foreground clip has not changed, or into a different clip once that new clip has been selected.

  • Selected loop bars can now be duplicated using the context menu or the CMD + D (Mac) / CTRL + D (Win) keyboard shortcuts.

  • In Arrangement View, it is possible to draw notes in background clips without first changing the foreground clip. Notes can also be drawn continually across clip boundaries, except in Focus Mode.

  • When using a pen to draw notes with "Draw Notes with Pitch Lock" enabled, any notes that cross a loop boundary are no longer deleted.

  • When more than 64 clips or eight tracks are selected in Arrangement View, the MIDI Note Editor is no longer available for multi-clip editing to prevent potential performance issues. 

New Devices and Device Improvements

  • Introduced "Shifter", a new audio effect in Live Standard and Suite. Shifter is a multi-purpose audio effect for pitch shifting, frequency shifting, and ring modulation. The pitch or frequency of incoming audio can be tuned using Coarse or Fine parameters and further adjusted with a Tone filter and Window parameter. Shifter also has Delay, LFO, and Envelope Follower sections for additional modulation. The Shifter device can set pitch or frequency using its own parameters or by incoming MIDI notes. 

  • Introduced the Align Delay device, which is now included in the set of Max for Live devices that come with a Suite license, or a Standard plus Max for Live license. Align Delay is a Max for Live device that delays incoming signals by samples, milliseconds, or meters/feet.  

  • Introduced the MIDI Shaper device, which is now included in the set of Max for Live devices that come with a Suite license, or a Standard plus Max for Live license. MIDI Shaper is a Max for Live MIDI device that uses multi-breakpoint envelopes to generate mappable modulation data. 

  • The Cytomic Filters, which are used in the Wavetable, Echo, Simpler, Sampler, Operator, and Auto Filter devices, have been updated and improved in stability, sound and performance. As of 11.1, the Cytomic filters (particularly the MS2 and SMP options) might deviate in sound compared to previous Live versions, especially when driven hard. 

  • An update to the Softtube libraries may cause subtle sound changes in the Amp and Cabinet audio effects.

  • In the Sampler, Wavetable, Impulse, Simpler, Channel EQ, Hybrid Reverb, Chorus-Ensemble, Phaser-Flanger, Echo (output knob only), and Spectral Resonator (input send only) devices, Gain controls now increment/decrement consistently by 1 dB when pressing the up/down arrow key, or by 0.1 dB when pressing the Shift key.

  • Spectral Time:

    • The effect order can now be reversed using two radio buttons “Frz > Dly” or “Dly > Frz” on the right panel of the Spectral Time device above the Dry/Wet knob.

    • A “Zero Dry Signal Latency” option has been added to the context menu in the Spectral Time device. Enabling it reduces the latency of the dry signal to zero instead of syncing it with the output of the effect. This option is useful when playing a live instrument through Spectral Time and monitoring the output.

  • Spectral Resonator:

    • In the Spectral Resonator device, the Shift parameter will now increment/decrement by one semitone when pressing the up or down arrow keys, or by one octave when holding the Shift key.

  • Wavetable:

    • A context menu option for Hi-Quality mode has been added to the Wavetable device. When Hi-Quality is off, Wavetable modulation is calculated every 32 samples. Low-power versions of the Cytomic filters are also used to further reduce CPU. Using Wavetable with Hi-Quality mode off can save up to 25% CPU compared to having it enabled, which is ideal for working with large sets or maintaining low latencies. Please note that as of 11.1, Hi-Quality mode will be off by default when loading a new instance of Wavetable or any of its Core Library presets. However, any user presets or Live Sets created previously will still load Wavetable in Hi-Quality mode to ensure sound consistency with earlier Live versions. Subtle sound differences may occur when Hi-Quality mode is enabled.

Push Device Visualization

  • On Push 2, the Hybrid Reverb parameter banks Algorithm 1 and Algorithm 2 have been renamed to Algorithm Pg 1 and Algorithm Pg 2. Also some parameters for Hybrid Reverb on Push 2 have been rearranged for easier navigation.

  • Updated some parameter names for the Chorus-Ensemble device on Push 2.

  • The Saw Up and Saw Down icons for Sampler’s LFO waveforms on Push 2 now appear as expected.

Session View Improvements

  • Using the Arrow Left/Right keys to navigate the Session View no longer skips return tracks, if they are visible.

  • Multi-selecting scenes now behaves the same as multi-selecting clip slots.

  • Selecting scenes no longer highlights the Master track, instead the scene itself is highlighted. 

  • Navigating from the last clip slot to a scene with the Arrow Right key will highlight the Master track.

  • You can click on a scene number or the Master track header to access the Master track and Scene View panel.


  • To avoid incompatibilities, you will be asked to save Live Sets created with an older version of Live as a new file in Live 11.1.

  • In Live’s Preferences, file paths that are unavailable (e.g. if an external drive is not connected) display a “(not available)” message. Paths that haven’t been set yet display a “(not set)” message.


Live Bugfixes

  • Devices that use beat sync divisions now remain in sync when the device is re-enabled during playback.

  • The Filter LFO dropdown menu in the Tension device now appears as expected.

  • Previously, when merging a device chain containing no instrument with another device chain containing an instrument, the instrument would be deleted from the merged chain.

  • Live no longer moves samples from a temporary project to the final saved project folder.

  • Fixed a bug that created file path issues with the Live Recordings temporary folder if it was also saved and renamed in Places.

  • The undo text for changed clip colors has been corrected in the Edit menu.

  • Previously, if a plugin was grouped into an Instrument or Drum Rack, the MPE settings of the plugin were not retained when the Rack was saved as a preset.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred if non-supported MPE data (e.g. MIDI CCs other than Pitch, Slide, or Pressure) was sent to a Sampler/Simpler device.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking on a parameter in Live and adjusting the same parameter using an encoder on Push at the same time.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred if all return/delay tracks were deleted and then a track containing a take lane was duplicated and moved. Live would crash if undo was selected twice after duplicating and moving the track.

  • In the Filter/Mod section of the Delay device, a custom icon for the Ping Pong setting is now displayed on Push 2.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when going to “Save Set as Template” from the File menu, then typing the name of the set, and finally pressing the [Escape] key twice to cancel the process.

  • Improved keyboard shortcut support for French keyboard layouts

  • Fixed a bug that caused peak CPU load to be calculated incorrectly if the buffer size selected in Live’s Preferences wasn’t a multiple of 64 samples.

  • Fixed a crash caused by loading multiple instances of certain VST3 plug-ins when Live’s transport was running.

  • Fixed an issue in Session View that caused notes to sometimes be triggered twice when recording a MIDI clip with both “Record Quantization” and “Chase MIDI Notes” enabled.

  • Fixed an issue caused when using multiple Control Surface scripts that are set to automatically arm MIDI tracks.

  • When highlighting an area of a take lane using Draw Mode, the clip name appears as expected.

  • Plug-ins that cannot be loaded appear with a standard device background that includes a more detailed error message.

  • Loading .alc files from Core Drum Kits into Arrangement View now preserves the Drum Rack chain routings.

  • In Arrangement View, the dialog box that appears when multi-clip editing is no longer available because more than eight tracks are selected appears as expected.

  • When several audio clips with different pitch values are selected, you will see the range of values for each clip highlighted in blue on the Pitch dial in Clip View.

  • Renaming take lanes in linked tracks works as expected.

  • Folded clips with long fades appear as expected.

  • Fixed an issue that caused clip fades to reset when resizing adjacent clips.

  • Fixed a crash caused by some VST3 plug-ins with certain undesignated MIDI CC mapping parameters.

  • The CTRL + 5 fixed/zoom adaptive grid keyboard shortcut works as expected on Windows.

  • Fixed an issue in Session View that caused notes to sometimes be triggered twice when recording a MIDI clip with both “Record Quantization” and “Chase MIDI Notes” enabled.

  • Fixed two bugs that caused the time selection to not be updated as expected when editing several clips compared to editing a single clip.

  • E-Piano Wurli.adg preset: Volume Macro is now excluded from randomization.
  • Womp Bass.adg preset: Typo in original file name is now fixed. If the preset was previously part of Collections it needs to be added again.

Max for Live Bugfixes

  • When the LFO device's modulation waveform exceeds its minimum/maximum, it now draws a horizontal line, as is consistent with the Envelope Follower and Shaper devices. The MPE Control device no longer creates high CPU spikes when receiving MIDI CC 64 (Sustain).

  • Fixed various bugs that affected these bundled Max for Live devices: Envelope MIDI, LFO, Note Echo, and MIDI Monitor.

  • Fixed a bug with the Expression Control device.

  • Key events keep working when a selected Max for Live device becomes invisible.

  • Selected parameters of a Max for Live device can still be controlled by key events even if the device is no longer visible.

  • The correct return IDs of newly created notes will be added to new clips when using the Python API or Max for Live API.

  • Mapped waveforms in the LFO device appear as expected.

  • Setting the MPE Control device Pitch Curve to an S Curve shape works as expected.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause CPU spikes when using Channel Aftertouch in the MPE Control device.

  • amxd~: notifies parameter hub when device state changes

  • fixed file loading when embedded in M4L device

  • jsliveapi: eliminate crash when there's no 'this' for operations

  • jsliveapi: improved handling of large strings

  • live.* UI objects: improve negative value handling with some units

  • live.* ui objects: Outputs the correct value when opened and initialized by pattr

  • live.banks: error reporting refinements

  • live.banks: fixed bank renaming in response to '-' argument

  • live.banks: fixed crash when adding a new bank with index 1 when banks are empty

  • live.banks: fixed crash with certain 'edit' messages

  • live.banks: fixed crashing with bad input

  • live.dial: fixed large mode automation drawing

  • live.drop: ensure value when restoring

  • live.scope~: fixed delayed drawing after deletion

  • Help patchers: fixed crash clicking '?' menu in Live
  • Device project: fixed hang when changing the "development path type"
  • Editor Startup: improved Windows startup times
  • Live Object Model doc: updated with Live 11 additions
  • Parameters: filters hidden parameters before generating automation for Live
  • pcontrol: scheduler works in patches opened via load message
  • Timing: improved locked metro accuracy
  • Max Console in Max for Live: long text wrapped and shows device name

  • Object Browser: Max for Live UI objects shown in correct category

  • Object Palette: icons added for all live.* UI objects

  • Parameters Window / Inspector: auto-quote Info Title / Info

  • Parameters: only dirty if it exists in a Max for Live device

  • Performance: CPU usage improvements after starting Editor

11.0.10b3 Versionshinweise


  • Fixed a crash that occurred if all return/delay tracks were deleted and then a track containing a take lane was duplicated and moved. Live would crash if undo was used twice after duplicating and moving the track.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting a track while zooming in/out of Arrangement View using a trackpad pinch gesture.
  • The Back to Arrangement button now appears as expected in Group Tracks.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening a Live Set that contained a plug-in with sidechain automation/modulation that could not be loaded.
  • Fixed a bug that caused MIDI notes in a selected area to get deleted even if the notes themselves were not selected when pressing Delete.
  • The Library.cfg file in a shared Preferences folder now gets copied as expected when installing Live in a multi-user environment.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in certain scenarios if two instances of Live were running at the same time.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when pressing the [Space] or [Tab] key after clicking on Track Status Display in Session View if a clip in Arrangement View was being played.
  • Improved shared Library folder setup when installing Live in multi-user environments.
  • Selecting and launching multiple clips across a scene using the [Enter] key now works as expected.

11.0.10b2 Versionshinweise


  • Fixed the alignment of shortcut entries in Live’s context menus on macOS.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when using MPE data with MIDI Effect Racks.
  • The Filter LFO dropdown menu in the Tension device now appears as expected.
  • Cytomic filters now work as expected in the Operator, Auto Filter, Simpler, and Sampler devices.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when renaming a take lane inside of a linked track and then pressing Tab.

11.0.10b1 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Stretching a MIDI note using the MIDI stretch markers in the MIDI Editor or the ÷2 and x2 buttons in the Notes tab will now cause any per-note expression belonging to that note to be stretched as well.
  • When adding a new note to a MIDI clip or reactivating a previously deactivated note, if the clip is playing and the playhead is within the new or deactivated note, the note will be played immediately.
  • When sending notes to a plug-in device, external device, or Max for Live device that has MPE Mode enabled, reoccurring notes with the same note number will now reuse the same channel. This can result in more consistent behavior of multitimbral instruments.
  • It is now possible to navigate to and rename the next/previous track using the "Tab"/"Shift"+"Tab" keys while renaming multiple selected tracks in the Session View. Previously, this only worked in the Arrangement View.
  • The splitter between Live's main window and the Help View can now be grabbed and adjusted at its full height.
  • When resizing the Session View, the clip slot selection will stay in view as much as possible. When the selection is off-screen, resizing the Session View does not scroll to show it.
  • It is now possible to solo tracks with the "S" key and arm tracks with the "C" key when take lane headers or automation lane headers are selected. Before, this was only possible when track headers were selected.
  • Previously, unnecessary splits might be created on an Arrangement track's main lane, when dragging the split line of adjacent highlights on a take lane. Now the behavior when resizing adjacent take lane highlights is more consistent.
  • Added the following improvement to the functionality of User Remote Scripts:
    • Device Control:
      • Up to 16 encoders can be used for controlling Device Parameters.
      • The Device Activator button can be controlled.
    • Mixer Control:
      • An unlimited number of Tracks can be controlled.
      • Track Mute, Solo and Selection can be controlled.
      • The Crossfader and Cue/Preview Volume can be controlled.
    • Transport Control:
      • Session Record, Arrangement Overdub, Metronome, Punch-In, Punch-Out, Nudge
      • Down, Nudge Up and Tap Tempo can be controlled.
  • When the transport is stopped, any hanging notes in the Wavetable device will now be stopped, as in other Live instruments.
  • Note names in Drum Rack pads are now displayed until no character fits at all. Standard note names are now displayed without the octave number if the full name does not fit.
  • Live now has improved performance in certain scenarios.
  • Added the following improvements:
    • Pressing "Tab"/"Shift"+"Tab" while renaming an Arrangement clip now selects the next/previous clip on the same track or take lane.
    • Pressing "Shift"+"Tab" now selects the previous clip while renaming a Session clip.
    • When renaming a Session clip, the "Tab"/"Shift"+"Tab" keys now skips empty clips slots.
    • When reaching the end when navigating with the "Tab"/"Shift"+"Tab" or Arrow Up/Down keys while renaming tracks or clips in the Session or Arrangement View, the navigation now cycles to the beginning or end of the tracks or clips, similar to using "Tab"/"Shift"+"Tab" when renaming scenes.
  • The vertical size of take lanes on linked tracks is now synced with a take lane that is being resized by dragging. The position of the dragged lane is sustained to keep the visible resized dragged lane visible and avoid jumping.
  • MIDI track meters now indicate MPE per-note controller changes. The lowest dot in a meter lights up in a blue color if per-note controller changes pass that meter.
  • Plug-in devices that have MIDI outs and that have MPE enabled can now output MPE.
  • It is now possible to fold/unfold a track's additional automation lanes with the left/right arrow keys when that track's main automation lane is selected.
  • Added the following changes to how velocity/probability values are displayed:
    • A MIDI note's velocity/probability values are now displayed in the respective Velocity/Chance Editor’s lane header when hovering over that note or its velocity/probability markers.
    • In Draw Mode, a note's velocity/probability values are displayed when hovering over the area in which the drawing action is available for that note. If any notes are selected, only those note's values can be displayed in the ruler, and hovering respects the quantization grid.
    • When drawing a velocity/probability ramp, the value range is displayed in the respective Velocity/Chance Editor’s lane header. If any notes are selected, only those note's values can be displayed in the ruler, however hovering does not respectsthe quantization grid.
  • The Freeze Trigger LED in the Spectral Time device is now visible and flashes when Retrigger mode has Sync enabled.
  • On Windows, if a UI element has the focus, its context menu can now be opened via the Menu key or "Shift"+"F10".
  • Making a selection (or multi-selection) using keyboard navigation in the Session View's scene area now works as expected.
  • When the Note Expression tab is open, a "Clear All Envelopes" entry in the context menu of the MIDI Note Editor and per-note expression lanes clears all expression envelopes of one or multiple selected notes.
  • On Windows, context menus shown when pressing "Shift"+"F10" more accurately represent what would be shown when right-clicking using the mouse.
  • When choosing a take lane for recording, Live now uses the first take lane that provides enough space. Before, Live used the take lane following the last take lane that did not provide enough space.
  • When Sets are saved with the File menu's "Save Live Set as Template..." or "Save Live Set as Default Set..." command, they are automatically self-contained in the same way as Sets that use the File Manager’s "Collect and Save" function.
  • Added the following changes when transposing an unwarped audio clip:
  • The time ruler below the waveform will change to show the accurate amount of seconds in the waveform.
  • The position of the Follow Action marker will change to keep in sync with the playhead and the actual beat-time of the Follow Action.
  • The play position is preserved, causing smooth playback of the waveform and respecting scheduled Follow Actions.


  • Fixed a bug where selecting or deselecting MIDI notes showed unexpected behavior or was not possible when the Note Expression tab was open and the MIDI Note Editor had Fold enabled.
  • Mapping the Macro Variations selector to relative MIDI controllers now works as expected. A controller that sends high-resolution pitch bend can now be mapped to the scene selector and the snapshot selector.
  • Fixed a bug where the per-note breakpoint editor would not be focused when clicking on an expression curve in the Pressure or Slide lanes, when the Note Expression tab was visible.
  • Previously, reactivating a take lane selection when Draw Mode was enabled would create a flickering effect.
  • Previously, the automation control chooser is empty instead of showing "None" when loading a new Set and "Show Automated Parameters Only" is chosen. Also, clicking on the automation control chooser would not select the main automation lane header when "Show Automated Parameters Only" is chosen. These bugs have been fixed.
  • On Push 2, the Spectral Resonator device's main bank parameter now correctly switches to Transpose when the sidechain mode is set to MIDI.
  • Fixed a bug where mappings in MIDI/Key Map Mode were hidden by the scene number.
  • Fixed an incorrect error message that appeared when trying to insert a non-audio device into an Audio Effect Rack.
  • Pitch Bend, Sustain, Expression, Mod Wheel, and other MIDI controllers that one would expect to reset to a default value will now do so at the beginning of clips that do not specify them. (Note: for users who intentionally use the previous behavior, this change will make their Live Sets behave differently. Therefore, the behavior is disabled by default. The behavior can be enabled by checking the "MIDI Envelope Auto-Reset" entry in the Options menu.)
  • Previously, trying to resize multiple selected tracks via the resize handle of the last automation lane would resize the main automation lane instead.
  • Previously, cropping a sample in the Sampler device would chop off the portion of the sample between the Release Loop Start and the Loop Start, if the Release Loop Mode was set to "Loop Back and Forth" and the Release Loop Start was before the Sample Start point.
  • Previously, exporting audio might start single-threaded rendering before switching to multi-threaded rendering after a while. This could impact render performance significantly for Live Sets that benefit from multi-threaded rendering.
  • The LEDs surrounding the encoders on the Novation Remote SL MkII once again provide feedback about the value of the controlled parameter.
  • Plug-in window titles now update when changing the name of the containing track. AU plug-in devices are now displayed as disabled if plug-in creation fails.
  • Previously, Live would crash when loading a one-sample length file into the Hybrid Reverb device and adjusting the Size parameter.
  • When the Note Expression tab is open and no note is selected, double-clicking on the Note Ruler now correctly zooms to all notes including their pitch-bend curves.
  • Fixed two bugs in the Arrangement View:
    • Previously, certain elements (such as insert markers, the loop brace and fade handles) were drawn on top of the Single Track Back to Arrangement button.
    • Previously, the triangle icon in the Single Track Back to Arrangement button was cropped when the track was almost scrolled almost out of the visible Arrangement View. Now the triangle icon is only shown when it can be fully displayed.
  • In the Sample tab, typing arbitrary values into the Pitch control's Transposition/Cents field now works as expected. Dragging the Transposition/Cents slider beyond the minimum/maximum pitch also now works as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where a note could have per-note events behind the note end when recording a transposed MIDI clip into the Arrangement.
  • In order to prevent an issue with filter cutoff being reset on every note start in the TAL J-8 plug-in, the VST3 version of the plug-in is no longer loaded in MPE Mode by default. The VST2 version of the plug-in will still load in MPE Mode by default.
  • In the unlikely event that an extremely high amount of MPE control change messages come in, Live will no longer crash, and all notes will be stopped.
  • Previously, when the Note Expression tab was open, moving the mouse from an unselected expression curve to a selected expression curve could cause the highlight to become stuck.
  • Some Racks that only contain licensed Max for Live devices and were previously locked in certain editions of Live (such as the DS Drum Rack in Live Standard) are no longer locked.
  • Navigating with the Tab key once again works as expected when renaming scenes.
  • Fixed a bug where Follow Actions were not scheduled as expected, under certain circumstances.
  • Corrected the Edit menu entry text for undoing a clip color change.
  • Recording auto-quantization now applies to take lane clips as well as main lane clips.
  • Improved Live's performance when a very large amount of notes are visible in the Velocity or Chance Editor.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when undoing in a Set that had previously been restored after another crash.
  • The Insert Time and Delete Time commands are no longer available when editing per-note expression breakpoints. Fixed a bug that could cause per-note expression to play incorrectly after a note-editing action resulted in an existing note becoming shortened.
  • Previously, Live's crash recovery would silently fail if the undo history contained an empty band file (e.g. after a power outage).
  • Fixed an issue where undoing a per-note breakpoint editor change while the breakpoint editor was not open would not redraw the expression curves.
  • Previously, when changing note velocities or probabilities with the Arrow Up/Down keys, Live would not show the changed value when the mouse was hovering over the respective editor.
  • Previously, the MIDI Editor pitch grid might jump by one pixel when folded on tracks with a Drum Rack while Highlight Scales was disabled.
  • The Duplicate Time command is no longer available when editing per-note expression breakpoints. Fixed a bug where the Duplicate command would truncate the original note when duplicating the selected note while working in the per-note expression breakpoint editor.
  • Fixed a regression that resulted in missing parameters in the Collision device.
  • Under certain circumstances on macOS, audio/MIDI meters, the global transport time and other parameters would stop updating while editing parts of a Live Set with the mouse or a trackpad.
  • Zooming Arrangement tracks via the Max for Live Application.View.zoom_view API function no longer breaks when multiple automation or take lanes are visible.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when repeatedly adding and removing notes from a held chord when using the Arpeggiator device with the Hold parameter active.
  • Previously, when clicking on a half-hidden track header to select it, Live might sometimes copy or move the track.
  • Previously, the Arrangement View would abruptly scroll upwards after renaming a clip in a take lane at the bottom of the view. Instead, the clip's take lane is now scrolled into view. Similarly, the clip's main lane is now scrolled into view when renaming a main lane clip, whereas before, the entire track (including take lanes and automation lanes) was scrolled into view.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when freezing a track in a Live Set that contained an external MIDI instrument that was routing MIDI to a device in the Master track.
  • Previously, renaming did not work as expected when selecting a track header or take lane header and unselecting the cursor item using "CMD"+click (Mac) / "CTRL"+click (Win).
    • Fixed crashes and error messages pertaining to corrupt documents that occurred when loading some Live Sets.
    • Fixed crashes that occurred after deleting a device while a take lane clip has an envelope for that device.
    • Fixed document corruption and subsequent possible crashes or other issues when restoring a Set after a crash under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug where Live would not accept tempo changes from Link peers in some cases.
  • Previously, if a plugin was grouped into an Instrument or Drum Rack, the MPE settings of the plugin were not retained when the Rack was saved as a preset.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when clicking on a parameter in Live and adjusting the same parameter using an encoder on Push at the same time.

11.0.5b6 Versionshinweise


  • Fixed an issue where Live would hang when zooming in the Arrangement View in some cases.

11.0.5b5 Versionshinweise


  • Previously, after selecting a Group Track header, the track highlight would sometimes immediately jump to a track within that Group Track.

11.0.5b4 Versionshinweise


  • The power switch will work normally (enabling and disabling the selected clips).
  • The pitch slider now works as expected when connected to multiple clips:
    - Displays accurate values
    - Controls the pitch of all clips
  • Fix a crash when unfolding a nested group track with a selected clip in it.
  • Fixes a bug where Link would not get disabled when opening a new set.

Core Library:

  • Fixed excessively long envelope decay time in Operator default preset
  • Added Macros to the cells in DS Drum Rack, to provide some interaction for Live Lite and Intro users
  • Removed duplicate MIDI Clip ("C78 Core Kit Dynamic 126 bpm" was identical to "C78 Core Kit Funk Retro 126 bpm")
  • Corrected a wrong note in the "Lydian Dominant" Scale device preset

11.0.5b3 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Pressing "Cmd"+"A" (Mac) / "Ctrl"+"A" (Win) now only selects track within the same Group Track hierarchy as the currently selected track(s). Previously, if a Group Track was selected, nested tracks were also selected.
  • The Overload Indicator is disabled by default for new Live 11 installations.
  • Performance improvements when deselecting many clips.


  • Selecting a device or parameter in a main automation lane's Device or Automation Control chooser now also changes the device or parameter in other selected main automation lanes.
  • MIDI note velocity values received by Live externally now match the values displayed in the UI.
  • Significantly improved Live's performance when selecting/unselecting a large number of clips to display in the Clip View.
  • Freezing a deactivated Arrangement clip no longer creates a tail clip. An Arrangement clip that was deactivated when its containing track was frozen can no longer be activated while that track is still frozen.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when right-clicking on a track header to rename a track, or trying to edit the track's info text via the context menu, when a second Live window was open on Windows.
  • In the Clip View's Sample tab, when editing the Transposition/Cents value and then clicking or dragging the Pitch control, the focus will jump to the Transposition/Semitones field.
  • Presets which are not supported due to Live's current authorization state are no longer shown in Live's browser.
  • Fixed a crash when scrolling in the clip detail editor with the mouse button held down.
  • Fix a bug that generated spurious disk overload indications even when no sample dropouts occurred.
  • Fixes a crash on Command + Key Up/Down with selected main automation lane.

11.0.5b2 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:


  • The Multiband Dynamics device works as expected again.
  • Fixed a performance regression when loading a Live Set with many devices.
  • Max for Live devices that take over control surfaces and use getinfo to determine available controllers work as expected again.
  • Previously, when exporting a video, the Export Audio/Video dialog would remain disabled when choosing an export file name that matched an existing video file (but not an existing audio file) and then choosing not to overwrite the existing file.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when feeding notes into the Scale device that were not mapped to a target pitch in the matrix.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sliders and breakpoints to move more quickly to the top or left than to the bottom or right while click-dragging with the mouse, especially when moving slowly (macOS only).
  • Authorizing Live 11 with Live 11 Sassafras license files now works as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where a Rack's selector buttons for chains and devices would swap places, under certain circumstances. Fixed various minor UI alignment and sizing issues that affected other elements within Racks.
  • Fixed a spacing issue in Drum Racks. In all Racks, the Rand and Map buttons now always align with the right border of the Macro Controls section, and they appear as "R" and "M" when six or less Macro Controls are shown.
  • Setting the tempo or time signature from the Python api (Max and Push) will enable the scene widget and display the correct value being set.
  • The program change controls will now be in the order [Bank][Sub][Pgm] instead of [Pgm][Bank][Sub].

11.0.5b1 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • The Spectral Resonator device now uses about 15% less CPU.
  • In the Spectral Time device, the background of the Stereo slider now displays a blue color when its value is above 0%.
  • Added the following changes to the Spectral Time device:
    - "Freeze On/Off" is now called "Frozen On/Off" in Automation Mode and on Push.
    - "Delay DryWet" is now called "Delay Mix" in Automation Mode, and "Mix" in the device UI and on Push.
  • The Spectral Resonator device's CPU usage is now reduced by 20% when very few partials are audible.
  • The Chorus-Ensemble device now uses less CPU when certain settings are applied.
  • Added the following changes:
    - When clips are selected/unselected in the Session View, the highlighted track and scene now point to the foreground clip, if any exists.
    - Changing the foreground clip from the Clip View updates the highlighting of the track (in both the Session View and Arrangement View) and the scene corresponding to the new foreground clip.
    - Clicking on a clip's multi-clip loop bar in the Clip View updates the highlighted track, even if this clip is already the foreground clip.
    In all these cases, a connected Push device follows the highlight change and focus on the corresponding track.
  • In the Spectral Resonator and Spectral Time devices, the spectrogram should now display about 30% of its former CPU load. Note: this is only visible in the system's CPU monitor, not in Live's audio processing meter.
  • The Follow Action Chance slider now displays a split triangle instead of just a black bar when it is showing multiple different values.
  • Improved the names of MIDI controllers that appear in the Control chooser when the Clip View's Envelopes tab is visible and the "MIDI Ctrl" is selected in the Device chooser.
  • Updated various Help View lessons.
  • Added support for Drum Rack choke groups to the Wavetable device.
  • Added a Pitch dial to the Clip's View Sample tab, which enables shifting an audio clip's pitch in semitones. The Transpose controls now appear as adjacent slider controls, positioned beneath the Pitch control.
  • It is now possible to resize the velocity, probability, and per-note expression lanes in the MIDI Editor using the mousewheel/pinch gesture while holding "ALT".
  • The "Pitch Bend Range Settings..." context menu entry now appears when right-clicking in the area where per-note pitch-bend is editable.
  • Using "CMD"+click (Mac) / "CTRL"+click (Win) no longer deselects track headers that contain a hidden lane selection.
  • Take lane headers with a standby selection are now shown in the respective standby selection color when more than one track, take lane, and/or automation lane is selected.
  • It is now possible to rename multiple selected scenes simultaneously.
  • It is now possible to rename multiple selected tracks simultaneously.
  • When a Session track slot is highlighted but not selected, using the Arrow Up/Down keys, Home/End, or PageUp/PageDown keys now moves the highlight to the adjacent track slot in the given direction.
  • Added the following changes to the Clip View of MIDI clips:
    - When the Expression tab is open, making a time selection in the Note Editor or the Slide/Pressure expression lane while editing per-note expression now only shows the focused lane with a selection highlight, while all other lanes are shown with a standby selection highlight.
    - The background color of lane headers is now consistent with the Notes tab.
    - Clicking on a lane with a standby selection now selects that lane instead of collapsing the time selection.
  • When the Expression tab is open, using the "Zoom to Clip Selection" command (or "Z" key shortcut) now adjusts the zoom level according to pitch bend values contained in the time selection.
  • It is now possible to clear all per-note Pitch, Slide and Pressure expression envelopes of a note at once by using the "Clear All Envelopes" entry in the context menu of the per-note expression breakpoint editor.
  • Updated some lesson translations in German, Spanish, French, and Italian languages.
  • Plug-in devices now look similar to built-in Ableton devices when disabled.
  • In the Session View's Track Status display, the remaining play time of an unlooped clip now always displays the seconds with two digits (e.g., "10:07" instead of "10:7").
  • Updated some Japanese and Chinese info text translations.
  • Updated various Help View lesson translations in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese languages.
  • In the Spectral Resonator device, when low polyphony and unison voices are set, less CPU usage should be shown.
  • Added the following changes to the Sample tab of audio clips:
    - The Clip Gain control has been changed back to a vertical slider, and it has been repositioned above the Transpose controls.
    - The Reverse button now shows an icon instead of text.
    - The Reverse and Edit buttons are now positioned next to each other.
  • When multiple audio clips with different Clip Gain values are selected, the value range is shown with split triangle handles on the Clip Gain slider.
  • In the Phaser-Flanger device, when the LFO Stereo Mode is set to Spin and the Spin value is changed, a second LFO line is now visible and its frequency changes accordingly.
  • The Spectral Time device now runs at about 60% of its previous CPU load.
  • The following new properties and functions are available in the Clip API:
    - add_warp_marker
    - move_warp_marker
    - delete_warp_marker
    - sample_rate
    - sample_length
  • Updated the notification style for scenes, and updated the scene name visualization to include the absolute position, tempo and time signature on Push.
  • Added some visual refinements to the Clip View tabs.
  • The audio engine can now be turned on or off via a new "Audio Engine On" entry in the Options menu, or using the "CMD"+"ALT"+"Shift"+"E" (Mac) / "CTRL"+"ALT"+"Shift"+"E" (Win) keyboard shortcut.
  • The enabled/disabled state of a plug-in device's MPE Mode is now saved with that device's default configuration.
  • Adjusting multiple encoders while recording automation now creates less undo steps on Push 1 and 2.
  • Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.1.10.
    For the changelog, visit:


  • Previously, reordering automation lanes via dragging and dropping or using the "CMD" and Arrow Up/Down (Mac) / "CTRL" and Arrow Up/Down (Win) keys would not mark the document as modified.
  • The EQ Eight device will now scale the displayed spectrum the same way as the Channel EQ and Hybrid Reverb devices.
  • Previously, the Operator device could crash or calculate inaccurate frequencies when its Fixed Mode and Spread parameters were enabled.
  • When left-clicking the CPU meter, the drop-down menu that appears is now aligned at the left-hand of the CPU meter.
  • In the Spectral Resonator and Spectral Time devices, the limiter's LED now correctly lights up when the limiter is active.
  • Switching between oscillator effects in the Wavetable device now changes labels within each matrix as expected.
  • In the Sampler, Simpler, and Wavetable devices, the MPE label text now updates according to the device's selected/deselected state.
  • When using a device parameter's "Show Automation" or "Show Modulation" context menu command while a Session clip is playing, Live now switches to the Envelopes tab in the Clip View when no clip is selected.
  • Mouse-clicks on a return track no longer "fall through" to audio/MIDI tracks or Group Tracks that are covered by that return track.
  • Fixed the following bugs in Max for Live:
    - Sending a getpath message to a live.object that operates upon the GroovePool no longer causes an error.
    - Sending a getpath message to a live.object that operates upon a Groove no longer causes an error.
    - GroovePool, Groove and DeviceIO now all have a canonical_parent property.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when restoring the Arrangement View's zoom state using the "Z" keyboard shortcut after deleting a take lane.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking in a track's main lane after track content had been selected during recording, under certain circumstances.
  • The Surge Synth Team's "Surge" VST/AU plug-in device now has its internal MPE Mode activated by default when started in Live. Deactivating the device's MPE Mode in Live will also cause Surge to deactivate MPE Mode internally.
  • Fixed the spelling of the "Sostenuto" parameter that appears in the Control chooser when the Clip View's Envelopes tab is visible and the "MIDI Ctrl" is selected in the Device chooser.
  • Previously, mixer controls in linked tracks would still be linked when selecting a take lane, after multiple track headers had previously been selected.
  • Fixed the alignment of the Launch text label that appears in the expanded view of the Clip View's Clip box.
  • Previously, when the Expression tab was visible, making a rectangular selection of a single note in the MIDI Note Editor would incorrectly set the focus to pitch bend expression editing.
  • Previously, when using the Arrow Up/Down keys in the Velocity or Chance Editor while no notes were selected, a false value was temporarily shown in the respective editor's lane header.
  • Fixed the following bugs:
    - When copying a folder with audio files to another folder which was already in Places, the files would not appear in the browser.
    - When saving a Live Set file (such as a clip or preset) in the root folder of the temporary current Project, that file would not be copied over to the final destination Project.
  • Arrangement clip headers no longer have an uneven appearance.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a note's per-note pitch bend range to get reset to +/- 48 semitones when copying and pasting a track.
  • Previously, resizing the Device View, as a result of switching to the Arrangement View, while no clip was selected would result in automation lanes having the wrong height when switching back to the Session View.
  • Previously, the waveform of an audio clip in the Detail View would be displayed in a dimmed color, although that clip was not audible while Audition Mode was enabled.
  • Previously, the Follow Action Time marker was sometimes displayed at the wrong position in unwarped clips.
  • Previously, an Arrangement clip header would not be displayed as having a standby selection when the focus was moved away.
  • Using pinch gestures to zoom once again works in expression lanes.
  • Improved the text contrast in the Session View's Track Status display for unlooped clips.
  • Previously, using Tempo Follower and Tap Tempo at the same time could create a conflict with Live's tempo. To prevent this, Tempo Follower is now disabled as long as Tap Tempo is active.
  • Previously, when triggering a scene with assigned Follow Actions after stopping Live's transport, that scene's tempo was not respected.
  • Shift-clicking on an empty track slot in the Session View no longer changes the scene and track highlighting.
  • Previously, the vertical zoom level and scroll position in the MIDI Note Editor were sometimes wrong when switching from the Expression tab to the Notes tab.
  • The LOM ID of a routable MIDI input/output is now retained after moving and saving the containing Max for Live device.
  • The "Stop" Follow Action now works as expected for scenes.
  • Previously, the selection on an auditioned take lane would look different when Draw Mode was active.
  • When multiple MIDI clips are selected and the Envelopes and Expression tabs are not displayed, the Notes tab is now left-aligned.
  • Previously, when the Expression tab was open and the MIDI Note Editor was folded, zooming to selected notes would sometimes scroll out of view.
  • Previously, it was not possible to unlink all tracks when some tracks were nested inside a Group Track.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when inserting a take lane.
  • Previously, adding a device via double-clicking could create two undo steps.
  • Added the following changes for Windows:
    - On Windows 10, Live requires version 1803 or higher to be used on HiDPI screens.
    - Live's second window is no longer shown separately in the list of windows that appears when pressing "Alt"+"Tab". It also cannot be minimized anymore. These changes highlight that the second window is not a stand-alone window, but secondary to the main window.
    - When switching virtual desktops, floating windows are no longer shown on the new virtual desktop.
    - When using virtual desktops, floating windows (e.g., the Max editor, plug-in devices, or Live's Preferences) are now only shown on the virtual desktop where Live is.
    - Fixed a bug that enabled performing certain actions (e.g., stopping playback) while a modal dialog was shown.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause notes to be affected by expression parameters (including pitch bend) from previous notes.
  • User Remote Scripts work as expected on Windows again.
  • Previously in the Spectral Resonator and Spectral Time devices, gaps would sometimes appear in the Spectrogram at high frequencies.
  • A Max for Live device's background color now updates correctly after moving that device between tracks.
  • Fixed two bugs in the MPE Control device:
    - The Pressure curve would not follow Live's themes when the device was instantiated while using the Dark theme.
    - Global PB would be interpreted as Note PB under certain circumstances.
  • Previously, per-note pitch bend editing was unavailable when a MIDI Effect Rack or Instrument Rack was used, under certain circumstances.
  • The Launch Macro Variation button can be mapped as expected again.
  • Fixed the width of the divider line between Arrangement lanes and track/lane headers.
  • Previously, after selecting content by clicking on the Arrangement loop brace or pressing "CMD"+"A" (Mac) / "CTRL"+"A" (Win), content of tracks nested in a folded Group Track would not be selected when unfolding the containing Group Track.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when dragging an empty frozen MIDI clip to an audio track.
  • Replacing a licensed Max for Live device with an unlicensed one no longer creates a "fake" device that informs the user of a missing license. Also, it is no longer possible to inadvertently trigger Temporary Demo Mode when attempting to perform another action that breaches any current limitations, in cases where a "fake" device was created.
  • Upon setting Scale Name and Root Note values for a MIDI clip, those values remain visible (but grayed out), even when Scale Mode is disabled.
  • Previously, track lanes and headers could not be deselected via "CMD"+click (Mac) / "CTRL"+click (Win) when their tracks contained hidden and selected automation lanes, take lanes, and/or Group Tracks.
  • Changes to a scale or root note on Push while recording a MIDI clip are now applied to that newly-recorded clip.
  • When enabled, the Scale (aka Fold to Scale) button becomes disabled (instead of grayed out) whenever folding to scale is not possible.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when freezing a track after recording, under certain circumstances.

11.0.1b1 Versionshinweise


  • Live loads the demo song when Live 11 is started for the first time on a given computer.
  • The Live manual has been updated.

11.0b30 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Updated the manual.

11.0b29 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Legal information documents have been updated.

11.0b28 Versionshinweise


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Live from running in the French language.

11.0b27 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Updated various Info text translations.

11.0b26 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Core Library:
    • Added new Instrument Racks and Drum Racks
    • Added new presets for Analog, Collision and Operator

    • Added new MIDI Clips and descriptive names
    • Added new presets for Audio Effects and MIDI Effects
    • Added new Grooves and brought back Live 10 Grooves
    • Added new Loops
    • Added new Effect Racks
    • Added Macro Variations to numerous Audio Effect Racks and Instrument Racks
    • Added Live 11 Demo Songs for Intro, Standard and Suite
    • Drum Machines have been refined
    • Amp Simulation Effect Racks have been refined
    • Please note: File names and locations may change until the official release. Remember to "collect all and save" when working with the new and updated Packs!
  • When the Clip Color preference is set to Random, all armed tracks will record clips in Arrangement View with the same random color, to indicate that those clips were recorded at the same time.
  • Live 10 themes have been removed.
  • Improved some Max for Live error messages.
  • Added the following changes to Macro Control variations:

    • The Launch Macro Variation buttons are now more prominent.
    • The last recalled variation now shows its Launch Macro Variation button in a darker color.
    • If Macro Controls are changed, the last recalled variation now shows an "*" icon next to its name, to indicate that the state is different from the saved one.
    • Upon loading a Rack preset, the first variation to match the preset's Macro Control dials is set as last recalled, to indicate which variation is active. (Note: due to limitations in how Macro Control dials are restored upon loading a document, this does not work in regular loading scenarios.)
  • When any of the following plug-ins are loaded, MPE will be enabled by default in those devices:

    • Audio Damage Continua
    • Audio Damage Phosphor 3
    • Cherry Audio DCO-106
    • Newfangled Audio Pendulate
    • TAL Software TAL-J-8
  • Updated various info texts.
  • The default Jump Follow Action Target value is now "1" (which will now fire the first slot), instead of "0" (which stopped playback).
  • Grid lines now have a more even base opacity between themes. Default grid lines are now easier to distinguish. The inactive foreground color of the Session and Arrangement View selector buttons now matches Live's other main view selector buttons.


  • Core Library:
    • Added missing default presets for Legacy Audio Effects
  • Accessing a dict that is too large from Max via Javascript or when the device is open for editing no longer crashes but instead prints an error.
  • Sending a dictionary from Max that is too large now prints a more descriptive error.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from loading presets of Max for Live devices that they owned, or Racks containing such devices, by double-clicking.
  • Fixed a crash when running the "Convert Melody to New MIDI Track" command on a specific sample on Windows.
  • Previously, using "Alt" with the scroll wheel on a hovered Arrangement lane header would not always resize that lane.
  • Previously, toggling Solo via the Edit menu command or the "S" keyboard shortcut ignored the selection on the content of a linked take lane, and instead toggled Solo for the highlighted track.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading a certain clip.
  • The progress dialog that appears when exporting audio or freezing a track would look incorrect when external audio instruments or effects were being used.
  • Under certain conditions, opening a context menu on the main automation lane would not collapse an existing time selection on other tracks / lanes. 

11.0b25 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • The user will see a new default preset for the Compressor device.
  • The Frequency Dial Mode, MIDI Gate switch, Modulation Mode, Mono/Poly switch, Pitch Mode, Pitch Bend Range and Polyphony of Spectral Resonator can now be read, set, and observed via Max for Live.
  • Updated the "What's New in Live" lesson, and added some small fixes to various other lessons.
  • Updated various Help View lesson translations in DE, ES, FR, IT, JA and ZH.
  • Live can now detect whether VST2 and AU plugins support MPE and automatically place them in MPE mode if so. Note that this relies on the plugins correctly reporting that they support MPE; many MPE-capable plugins do not yet do this, so the impact of this change is limited for the time being.
  • Users of the Python API (control surfaces, Max for Live) are now able to observe changes to the number macro variations in Instrument and Drum Racks.
  • "Copy Selection to Main Lane" entry is now removed from the Edit menu and is added to the take lane context menu instead of "Draw Mode" entry with a separator line below.
  • Improved contrast in the Light Theme selection colors.
  • For Spectral Resonator, modulation modes should sound similarly loud. Old sets+presets should sound the same.
  • Added info text for take lanes.
  • When using the rubber-band tool in the velocity or probability editor to select notes, only notes whose head is in the selection rectangle will be selected. This makes it easier to precisely select notes when they are overlapping in time.
  • When using Draw Mode with Pitch Lock enabled to create notes in the MIDI editor, the note velocity now remains fixed unless the Cmd (Ctrl on Windows) modifier is pressed.
  • Max for Live
    • Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.1.9 Beta 2bed8a1 
      • Updated Live Object Model Documentation
      • Fixed crash on startup in some cases (Frameworks plist issue)


  • When using Live in German, the CPU meters in the CPU meter drop-down are now properly aligned.
  • Fix that swapping take lane content with Cmd/Ctrl + Arrow Up/Down would not work repeatedly when content in a take lane of a linked track is selecting and the take lanes in another linked track are not visible, e.g. because the track is folded.
  • Fixes that Live hangs and must be forced to quit when turning Audio Engine 'Off' in some cases.
  • Fixes a bug where flattening a MIDI track would cause sidechain routings from it to be disconnected.
  • Fixes a crash when deleting or moving a track that contains a video clip in the arrangement on Windows.
  • No more crashes when navigating highlighted return tracks with the arrow keys.
  • Fix issues where clip names were not drawn correctly in draw mode.
  • Deactivating a Max for Live device that outputs audio does not cause a click anymore.
  • If a Live set was loaded and an audio clip was immediately loaded into the detail view, wrong information about the sample could have been displayed (e.g. 16-bit when the file really had a 24-bit resolution). This is now fixed. Until the sample is online, nothing is shown, and once the sample is online, the correct information is shown.
  • Fixes the following bug: if the tempo follower was turned on while nudging or if recording was turned on while nudging and while tempo follower was already on, then the visual aspect of the tempo automation (gray/red for overriden/enabled) would not be updated until the tempo follower had generated a tempo update.
    Also, when nudging while tempo following is on, releasing the nudging button doesn't introduce a tempo jump anymore.
  • The parameters' size does not "flicker" when changing banks in all devices and especially changing the "section" parameter of Hybrid Reverb.
  • Disabled Crop and Reverse context menu entries for point in time selection.
  • The auto-select button icon in rack devices is now visible when dark theme is on.
  • Fix that unlinking tracks after clicking or right-clicking on a track
    header's link icon would not unlink linked tracks in folded group tracks.
  • Preserve the selection of grouped tracks when folding and unfolding a track.
  • Previously, when deleting the last event of a per-note event automation, the dotted-line was stuck at the position of the last event. Now, the dotted-line correctly returns to its proper initial position.
  • Fixed a bug that caused graphic issues with certain plugins on macOS.

11.0b24 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Devices have been moved from the Core Library into the application bundle.
  • Core Library:
    • Added new (MPE) Instrument Racks
    • Added presets for MPE Control
    • Added new Grooves
    • Added new MIDI Clips
    • Macro colours, names and positions got refined
    • Acoustic Drum Racks now have Macro Variations and improved effects processing
    • Please note: File names and locations may change until the official release. Remember to "collect all and save" when working with the Live 11 Beta Core Library and new and updated Packs!
  • Updated the What's New in Live lesson.
  • Updated info text translations in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese languages.
  • Unified the outline color of the Arrangement Overview, Clip View Selector, and Device View Selector.
  • The CPU overload notification can now be disabled in the Control Bar via a new "CPU Overload Indication" entry in the CPU meter's dropdown menu, and in the Overload Indicator's context menu.
  • There is no longer a double border around the automation/velocity/probability value editing/display box.
  • A recording clip will no longer show the fades of any clips that are overridden.
  • The following markers now look slightly different:

    • Clip start/end and loop start/end markers in the Detail View (when a single clip is selected)
    • The Follow Action Time marker in the Detail View
    • Loop start/end markers in the Arrangement
    • The insert marker in the Arrangement
  • The MPE Control device's background now respects Live's themes.
  • When using the Hybrid device, the Status Bar will now only show the notification that an IR has been trimmed upon dragging and dropping a file, or selecting an IR from the User category. The notification will now also disappear immediately upon loaded an IR that is not trimmed.
  • Added a dedicated info text for source highlights on take lanes.
  • On Push 2, the Corpus device shows a graph visualization for its filter and has an improved UI.
  • Updated the Scene View's background color.
  • Added some visual changes to the piano roll and MIDI Note Editor:

    • The width of scale highlighting on piano roll keys has increased from three pixels to eight pixels.
    • Scale highlighting now starts on the very first pixel of the MIDI Note Editor's key tracks.
    • A shaded vertical line is drawn on MIDI notes when they are cut on the left.
  • In Automation Mode, when creating a selection on a linked track's automation lane, choosing one of the following commands from the context menu will now apply that action to all linked tracks: Rename, Deactivate Clip, Split, Consolidate, Create Fade, Reset Fades, Freeze Track, Crop Clip(s), and Reverse Clip(s). After the action is applied, Live selects the content of affected lanes, and undoing the action restores the initial content selection.
  • When copying and pasting clips from a folded Group Track, take lane clips are no longer copied and take lanes are not considered as target lanes for pasting clips. Also, whether a target Group Track is folded or unfolded, pasting clips there from a folded Group Track now produces the same result.
  • Users should see more reliable engine performance on machines with the Apple M1 CPU.
  • The spacing between the buttons that are used to toggle velocity, probability, and per-note expression lanes in the MIDI editor is improved.
  • Users will have to wait less time when creating new sets.
  • Changed the label on the "probability" lane of the MIDI editor, and reduce the width of the vertical rulers.
  • Plugin windows are not animated on Mac anymore when the plugin asks for a resize, which looks better.
  • Max for Live users will get access to Hybrid Reverb properties available in the Live API.
  • Max for Live
    • Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.1.9 Beta 3e5058b 
      • Fonts: fixed crash on startup when font doesn't have a display name or full name
      • live.banks: fixed bank renaming in response to '-' argument
      • live.banks: fixed crash when adding a new bank with index 1 when banks are empty
      • Max for Live: fixed crash when deleting some devices


  • Core Library:
    • Added missing groove previews
  • On Push 2, the Spectral Resonator device's PBend Range control is now shown in semitone units and is more sensitive.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Live attempted to select a hidden track, under certain circumstances.
  • Previously, some menu commands would not work correctly, or could even crash, when switching between note editing and per-note expression editing.
  • Previously, right-clicking on a track header's link icon would not select all linked tracks, if that track had been nested within a Group Track multiple times.
  • In Session View, when a track is highlighted but no slot is selected, pressing the left/right arrow key now moves the highlight to the previous or next track.
  • When clicking on a scene number, the selection behavior is now consistent with clicking in the adjacent scene name area.
  • Fixed the following bugs in the MPE Control device:

    • Previously, Global Pitch Bend messages were interpreted as Note Pitch Bend messages, under certain circumstances.
    • Previously, Global AT values could be reset to zero when a new note was triggered.
  • The Hybrid Reverb device is now correctly displayed on Push 2.
  • Previously, when zooming closely enough on a MIDI clip that its notes displayed their note names, altered notes such as "A#" were clipped to only show "A". Now, note names that do not fit the view are no longer displayed.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when merging tracks from existing Sets that contained multichannel Max for Live devices.
  • Nudging behaves as expected when used while the Tempo Follower is active (i.e., the tempo does not change in the Control Bar when a Nudge button is pressed).
  • Control surface preferences are reset, and saving and recalling control surface preferences works correctly again.
  • The parameters for Phaser-Flanger are grouped meaningfully on Push 1+2. Parameter names on Push are now correct.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when applying extreme modulation to filters within various built-in devices.
  • Fixes a bug that caused the loss of all expression data in a clip when changing note velocities using the draw tool in the velocity editor.
  • Fixes a bug when the only selected note’s curve could be dragged similarly to a multi-curve drag scenario.
  • Fixes that the source highlight info text would not be shown on the top part of a highlight in draw mode.
  • Fix that adding new tracks via keyboard shortcuts or from the "Create" menu would not consider the current selection of take lanes and automation lanes and always add them at the end of the tracks.

11.0b23 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Updated various info texts and the What's New in Live lesson.
  • The follow action time widget in the scene follow action will use the scene's time signature if it's active and all selected scenes have the same time signature, otherwise it will use the song's time signature.
  • On Push:

    • The second page of macros will always show if any of them are mapped, irrespective of the rack being folded or unfolded
    • Pressing the second page of macros while it is selected opens and closes the rack's devices (except for drum racks, where the main rack device showing the first page of macros doesn't do that either)
    • Holding the second page of macros shows the chain selector view, just like the main rack device which shows the first page of macros
    • When you are viewing the macros of a rack, and there is a second page of macros as one of the macros 9-16 are mapped, you can now press the "Enter" button to enter the rack.
  • When using draw mode in the velocity/probability editor, the handles and notes that will be affected (depending on the current grid setting) are now highlighted.
  • Double clicking specific Hybrid eq parameters resets them to new default values.
  • The option to upload to SoundCloud has been disabled.
  • Max for Live
    Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.1.9 Beta 7d725bf 
    • Add and implement GetBGColor


  • After inserting take lanes in a linked track group track highlight was moved to the last track in the linked group. Now the highlight is preserved. On inserting take lanes the selection cursor item should not be set either as it would change the track highlight later when user unselects a lane with CMD+Click.

    This fixes as well the scrolling behaviour. After inserting take lanes arrangement was always scrolling to the last inserted lane. Now it only scrolls to the highlighted track when necessary (when after inserting a lane highlighted track was not visible anymore). If the track highlight was not on any of the inserted take lanes, track highlight will be set on the track of last inserted take lane.
  • Fix inconsistencies when copying & pasting, duplicating and nudging clips in invisible take lanes of tracks within linked track groups. These clips are ignored.
    This also fixed crashes that could occur when pasting, moving or nudging hidden linked take lane clips.
  • Fix that Live would crash when stopping a recording after linking tracks while they are recording.
  • Fix that crossfade curve adjustments occasionally jump when dragging the curve handle with the mouse.
  • It's possible to delete racks with a 2nd bank and continue to use Push 2.
  • Fixes a bug where the Show/Hide Editor button was not available (when loaded with set or as device preset).
  • Fixed a bug where, when the song was stopped and restarted while a follow action was already triggered (flashing), the current clip would be played rather than the following clip. Starting the following clip immediately when resuming the song or when scrubbing is consistent with Live 10 behavior, with unlinked follow actions, and with linked follow actions that have a multiplier of 2x or more.
  • Fixed:

    • renaming in the browser might lead to a crash
    • copying folder or files from project to project might crash
    • instantiating a plugin with special characters in the plugin name might crash
  • When a set of slots is selected and the initial anchor of the extended selection is not in the set anymore, the selection can still be extended from the remaining selected slots.
  • There were 1px high areas between and below the velocity/probability editors where it was possible to zoom-scoll the editor. These are too small to be useful, so they're removed.
  • Fixed a bug where extracting a groove and then saving in the groove pool would make Live crash.
  • Fixed a bug where Live crashed when pressing CMD/CTRL+A in MIDI Editor after first clicking in slide/pressure lane (Note Expressions).
  • Under Certain Circumstances, there was a visual glitch around the groove pool chooser in the browser side bar.

11.0b22 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • Hitting the return key when the tempo or time signature widgets are selected selects the scene header.
  • The left/right arrow keys now navigate to the tempo and time signature widgets as well.
  • Pressing the return key when the tempo or time signature widgets are selected selects the scene header instead of launching the scene. The scene only launches when the header is selected.
  • While text editing the scene name, tempo or time signature values, pressing tab or shift+tab navigates to next or previous widget accordingly while remaining in text editing mode. The navigation goes to the next or previous scene when reaching the last or first widget in a scene.
  • The Release Velocity in NoteLenght is now set to 0 by default.
  • Spectral Resonator and Spectral Time will now save CPU by deactivating when silent (and by extension deactivating all downstream devices).
  • When using the arrow/up down keys in the velocity/probability editor to adjust values, the new value range is indicated briefly in the ruler on the left.
  • Using draw mode with grid enabled in the velocity/probability editor now affects notes based on their precise start/end times. Previously, draw mode would affect notes based on where their "lollipop heads" were visible, which could affect notes outside of the clicked grid cell when zoomed out a lot.
  • It is now possible to change the note selection in the MIDI editor using the arrow keys in combination with a modifier (Alt on Mac, Ctrl on Windows), even while editing or drawing per-note expression breakpoints.
  • Updated the What's New in Live lesson.
  • Upon loading an impulse response that exceeds our maximum possible size, users will now receive a message in the status bar that their impulse response has been shortened and still be able to use the trimmed file, rather than simply receiving a notification that 'The impulse response file is too long.' A previous crash when loading a True Stereo pair where one of the files was an appropriate length but all 4 channels together exceeded the buffer size is also implicitly fixed with this new scheme.
  • When attempting to load an outdated user remote script, users will see a warning message (with a don't show again option) which explains that the script was written for an old version of Live and needs to be updated.
  • Previously, the time selection would be cleared on mouse-up when selecting a single note in the per-note-events tabs.
    Now, the time selection stays the same when selecting a single note, and gets cleared only when interacting with the events. The time selection is synced back when clicking on the note again, or switching to the notes' tab.
  • Key name labels come closer to the separator lines when there is not enough space (e.g. full zoom out)
  • A horizontal line at the top of the key range is removed, and doesn't come across the "C8" label anymore when the ruler is fully zoomed out (in particular, in the "disabled view").
  • In Envelope mode ("disabled piano ruler"):
    • Fixed the condition for drawing the keys or not
    • The vertical separator line at the left of the ruler remains visible
    • A vertical line is not displayed anymore at the right when keys are invisible
    • The ruler remains aligned when the MIDI editor contains no notes, in the case where the keys are fully zoomed-out.
  • Core Library:
    • Added new (MPE) Instrument Racks and Drum Racks
    • Added new presets for Spectral Resonator, Spectral Time and Redux
    • Improved Wavetable default preset: Includes a Press mapping to Warp and a Slide mapping to OSC 1 Position
    • Please note: File names and locations may change until the official release. Remember to "collect all and save" when working with the Live 11 Beta Core Library and new and updated Packs!
  • Max for Live
    • Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.1.9 Beta 0c70a11 
      • CEF / jweb: update to CEF (primarily for MacOS and Apple Silicon compatibility)
      • Clippings: new Global.db2Value clipping
      • M4L Device: "locked Patcher Background Color" works
      • send~/receive~: fixed freeze when setting names of objects (fixes Vector FM device)


  • The Max MIDI Effect device is now correctly capitalized (was Max Midi Effect)
  • Live does not crash anymore with a beatseeker assert.
  • Fixes a bug where dragging a groove onto either the groove box or the clip detail view caused a crash when content editing was disabled (e.g. because not all MIDI clips are looped or because not all audio clips have the same length and set of warp markers).
  • Fixes a crash that could occur when making a time selection while editing expression envelopes.
  • When tabbing the session view between windows, the scene name remains in the same position in the scene header.
  • Fixes a bug whereby LFO would create an additional unnecessary undo step when mapping the device to a parameter. Envelope MIDI now instantiates with MPE active, so that MPE data can pass through and reach other devices in the device chain.
  • This fixes an issue where wrong values of per-note expression would be played when having ramps or curves between breakpoints.
  • On macOS, Live does not crash in rare circumstances when audio interfaces change.
  • Fixes two bugs: a) notes which were made as small as possible and which were located at the left edge of the visible range of the note editor could not be selected with the rubberband, and b) these notes would not be displayed in the velocity and probablility editors.
  • Deleting an audition take lane will now be correctly reflected in the audio engine. Adding/deleting an auditioned take lane clip will now be correctly reflected in the audio engine.
  • Fixes a rare crash caused by Live trying to show the user mathematically impossible colors.
  • Fixes a bug where for unlooped MIDI clips, no notes would be drawn beyond the end of the "unlooped loop" (the clip end marker).
  • Fixes a crash where pressing a high note on the computer MIDI keyboard would crash when the keyboard octave was set to C8.
  • Core Library:
    • Some MIDI clips opened with wrong grooves selected

11.0b21 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • The (previously so called) "Invert Wet" parameter of Phaser-Flanger is now called "FB Inv" on Push and in Max for Live.
  • It is now possible to switch the tempo follower on/off from the Live API.
  • Controls that open and close views are less visually distracting.
  • Show clips of all linked tracks in Detail view in Automation mode.
  • Cleanup out of note bounds per note events during note resizing from keyboard shortcut shift+left.


  • Fix bug "Audio samples dragged into Live after renaming them in Live's browser shows wrong name"
  • Fix bug "Browser: a M4L device cannot be moved into another folder when over a M4L device in the target folder."
    Fix bug "Live produces weird folders when saving presets"
  • When closing Live, it does not crash anymore in rare circumstances.
  • Fixes a bug where clicking on a scene while another scene is scheduled as a follow action would launch the follow action instead of the clicked scene.
  • Fix bug "Regression: Drum Racks from L10 Curated Collections show up in Audio Effects/Utilities/Audio Effect Racks/Drums "
  • Fixed a bug where the Indexer crashes on macOS 10.15.
    Fixed a bug where the Live index quits unexpectedly.
  • A couple of UX fixes/tweaks in the magnitude editor:
    • Fixed: Cmd-dragging a magnitude marker would add the note to the selection (but Cmd-clicking doesn't; the multiselection modifier is Shift in the MIDI editor) which made it hard to change velocity ranges of multiple notes in a row because the selection would be extended each time
    • Velocity ranges are no longer shown in draw mode when you hold Cmd
    • The "line tool" or "ruler tool" in the magnitude editor in draw mode was moved to the Option modifier on Mac (Ctrl on Windows) to allow using Cmd (Alt on Windows) to control the grid
    • The grid is respected again in draw mode: If the grid is on, draw mode affects all markers in the current grid cell.
    • You can press Cmd (Alt on Windows) to invert the current "grid enabled" setting; the grid lines visually indicate this
    • Removed an incorrect sentence saying that you can use Shift to make draw mode affect only the selected notes (the corresponding behavior was changed in 2008 and the info text was never touched)
    • Added a sentence to the info text explaining the modifier for the line/ruler tool
  • The spectrum visualization does not stop anymore when Hybrid Reverb is grouped in a rack.
  • Fix that "Cut Time" and "Duplicate Time" did not copy take lane clips.
  • Fix that dragging & dropping clips including clips from a folded group track could crash in certain cases.
  • When interacting with breakpoints of per-note expression curves, curved segments now correctly preserve their shape.
  • Using the jump follow action to jump to a slot with no stop button will no longer crash and will just do nothing.

11.0b20 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • The Audio Effects categories have been refined.
  • Velocity of probability lane can be activated by clicking on the "header" / vertical ruler view on the left
  • The active lane's header has a highlighted background.
  • When the MIDI velocity or probability editor is very small, it's now easier to drag the markers to precise values. It's now also possible to hold the Shift key to allow fine-tuning the values with further increased precision.
    When changing MIDI note velocities or probabilities with the up/down arrow key, the value changes in steps of 10 by default.
    Again, you can hold the the Shift key to increase the precision and change the value in steps of 1. Previously, this behavior was inverted. It has been changed to match the usual "fine tune" modifier conventions in Live.
    In order to change velocity ranges with the keyboard, it is now sufficient to hold Cmd on Mac / Ctrl on Windows. Previously, the modifier was Cmd+Shift. It was changed to allow using the fine tune modifier also to change velocity ranges.
  • The probability lane remains active when the velocity lane is made visible.
  • On Push, when pressing and holding a note in any sequencer and clip view, the velocity range displayed should go from -127 to 127 and have a + sign in front of it when positive.
  • For Hybrid Reverb, the user will now be able to use the arrows near the impulse response dropdowns to flip through impulse responses even while Convolution is technically inactive at Blend 100 in Parallel mode.
  • The mixer button to show and hide the CPU metering section has been changed to the letter 'c'.
  • Cleanup out of note bounds per note events during operations that causes selected notes to be resized. Such operations are Legato, Quantize, Reverse, Midi stretch markers and mul2/div2.
    Expression curves no longer "squish" destructively when dragged up or down, i.e., if you drag a curve upwards or downwards until it squishes, dragging it back in the opposite direction during the same gesture will restore its previous shape.
  • In multi-clip editing, with large numbers of arrangement clips selected, this makes switching the foreground clip, switching on and off focus mode, and deselecting all clips a lot faster.
  • Allows users to show or hide keyword folders in some browser labels (Instruments, AudioFX).
  • Core Library
    • Added MIDI clips including a variety of single chords
    • Added new (MPE) Instrument Racks, Audio Effect Racks and Drum Racks
    • Added new presets for Hybrid Reverb
    • Scale Device presets got aligned with new MIDI clip scales
    • Brought back Live 10 MIDI Effect Racks
    • Demo & Sketch template now comes with improved Drum clips and Instrument Racks
    • Please note: File names and locations may change until the official release. Remember to "collect all and save" when working with the Live 11 Beta Core Library and new and updated Packs!
  • Max for Live
    • Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.1.9 Beta a22d309
      • M4L Live Object Model: updated for Live 11
      • Audio Plug-In Scanner: works on Windows
      • mtr: read message works properly
      • Jitter in javascript (jsjitter): fixed usage


  • For Hybrid Reverb, loading mono IR presets works without problems now.
  • When a time selection is set from the magnitude editors (velocity, probability)

    • The state of Chance UI controls (Velocity Range and Randomize Value) are now updated accordingly
    • The Transpose slider will correctly affect the notes from background clip effectively falling in this time selection.
  • When a probability value is entered for the selected notes using the keyboard, the value box now appears centered horizontally on the selected lollipops.
  • The detail view's leftmost border is aligned with the browser again when the info view is closed.
  • Fixes some inconsistencies in the focus and selection behavior when clicking on automation lane envelope and device chooser, '+'-button and fold button.
  • Fixes a flickering note highlight when hovering over a note while holding a key.
  • Fix incorrect drawing of clip names on take lane clips when sample is offline or when monitoring is set to "In".
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when zooming into a clip with a trackpad gesture.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a user requested Clip Warp Markers from a midi clip.
  • The name of a Max For Live device is again visible in the device chain scroller.
  • Fixes an issue where per-note pitchbend curves would show unexpected snap-to-semitone behavior.
  • Insert take lanes in all linked tracks even if not all linked track headers are selected.
  • This fixes an issue where wrong values of per-note expression would be played when having ramps or curves between breakpoints.
  • This lets users route audio into Max for Live Instruments over input 1 / 2 again.
  • Browser: Fix keeping column setup for color labels
  • Fix rename folders
  • Before, when unfreezing a track with a Hybrid reverb, changing the impulse response and then selecting 'freeze track' again, live would use the frozen file rather than compute a new one.
  • LFO scope would not function properly if the device was instantiated while the audio engine was not active.
  • LFO might fail to display the LFO waveform under certain circumstances.
  • DS-Kick would click when triggered with the mouse.
  • Fixes some crashes related to (nested) group tracks.
  • Don't enable warp so often when replacing samples
  • Audio hangs if in Live 9 created Simple Delay clip automation on audio track is changed in the Delay Device
  • Core Library
    • Some Hybrid Reverb presets opened with the wrong algorithm type selected
    • A missing sample was reported when loading the Hybrid Reverb preset Voice Plate.adv

    • Some mod wheel mappings in Wavetable presets have been disabled

11.0b19 Versionshinweise

New features and improvements:

  • When there is a time selection in the MIDI editor:

    • Velocity Range now has the correct enabled/disabled state depending on whether some notes of the foreground clip are included or not in this selection
    • Velocity Range now displays the correct deviation value that corresponds to the notes included in the time selection
    • Velocity Range now applies only to the notes included in the time selection

      In Multi-Clip Selection:
    • Randomization value is now enabled if only notes from the foreground clips are selected / in time selection, and disabled otherwise (thereby behaving just like the Velocity Range control).
  • Progress dialogs such as the pack installation dialog will now show progress below the bar, to make them easier to read in all themes.
  • Hybrid gets a bit more efficient
  • In Push, Hybrid Reverb Width was renamed to Stereo. Adedd Bass Mono parameter for Hybrid Reverb Global Bank on Push.
  • A lot more convolution impulse responses are available
  • Added info text for linked track indicator.
  • The Track And Clip Colors > Reduced Automatic Colors preference now takes effect immediately rather than at the next loaded song.
  • Users cannot toggle MPE Mode for their Max for Live devices via the context menu anymore. It's up to the device developer to set the "is_mpe" attribute in Max.


  • Fixed that Live shows a "Setup Core Library..." modal dialog on every startup (and not only on the first or after an update).
  • Sometimes when dragging a scene's numerator field and then dragging the denominator field, the numerator would change when dragging the denominator.
  • Live no longer crashes when right-clicking on a Send control in Arrangement view when that Send is controlled by Max (e.g. LFO).
  • Fix that Live would crash when a user clicks on the link button on an arrangement track header and some linked tracks are contained in a folded group track.
  • Users will no longer experience a fatal program crash when loading a True Stereo IR where one of the files is mono.
  • Fix that dragging clips would not move all clips when the selection contains a folded group track.
  • Previously, esp. for audio tracks the start and stop times of recording would differ at tiny bit. That would break the linked editing of those clip starts and stop times across the link.
  • Fixed a reproducible crash when pressing (CMD + A) in Pressure lane (Note Expressions)
  • MIDI notes can be quantized in focus mode and when editing multiple clips.
  • Impulse presets show again sample names.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen while moving tracks with Max for Live devices on it.
  • Fixes swapping when there are no highlights on any take lanes in the selection and fixes selecting take lane on swap from inaudible to audible region.
  • MIDI note names were slightly visible in the envelope editor, especially underneath the "shade" of modulation envelopes.
  • Fix some inconsistencies/bugs with samples/videos without "audio data".
  • Tiny text fixes.
  • This fixes a bug where the Live clip editor would always switch to the expression tab when holding a note by pressing and holding a pad on Push.
  • Fixed a crash when launching a clip via Key/MIDI mapping if the clip is in a track that's grouped at least twice, the outer group track is folded and the "Select on Launch" preference is on.
  • Under Certain Circumstances, an incorrect value would be displayed in the scene's time signature widget in the master track after reordering scenes via drag&drop.
  • The Fold and Scale buttons next to the MIDI editor are now (un)checked correctly after loading a set.
  • The text on buttons showing a multi-selection with different values could show a colored fringe on some UI zoom levels.