Anthony Garvin

  • Sydney NSW Australia

Currently, Anthony's favorite thing to do is to run Ableton out of his computer and into as many channels on a Neve console as possible.

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He has a unique creative, business and educational background, having remixed dozens of bands and pop acts (under the name Dept.), scored music for film and television, set up Liveschool with partner Adam Maggs, was responsible for the creation of SAE's short course department, and is now in charge of Australia's largest studio complexes, Studios 301. Currently, AnthoAnthony's day-to-day work is liaising with producers, engineers, musicians and record labels to make recording and mastering sessions run as smoothly as possible, with any spare moments being used to write electronic music, mix songs for bands and do the occasional remix for anyone who asks.

Ableton Live forms a key part of Anthony's workflow, being used in all the above situations, but also as a virtual punching bag for quickly putting down an idea and turning it into a tune. It should be noted that Anthony has an unhealthy gear abuse problem and also thinks he is pretty good at using Ableton in real-life environments, under the pressure of practical limitations and with a client back-seat driving from the couch.


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