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Cookbook Bundle

par Goldbaby

A feast of full-fat analog sounds for contemporary beats and more. You can now pick up all three Packs in the Cookbook series as a discounted bundle: three Packs for the cost of two.

Included content:

Cookbook 3
Cookbook 2
Cookbook 1

USD 147USD 99

Bundle de 3 Packs

The Cookbook Bundle brings together Goldbaby’s trilogy of essential toolkits – drums, hits, chords, bass, loops and assorted production tools aimed at styles, but fit for any style of groove-driven music.

The Packs each follow Goldbaby’s tried and tested recipe for warm, punchy and powerful drum sounds. Sources range from a mixture of classic and modern drum machines and synths, high quality acoustic drums, vinyl samples and field recordings – all processed with vintage analog gear.

Each Pack is made up of a mixture of individual hits, Drum and Instrument Racks, Simpler presets, audio loops for rhythmic inspiration and more. Plus there’s plenty of creative tools for beefing up and adding texture to your grooves. It’s a comprehensive collection of toolkits for building beats from scratch, adding bite to existing grooves and general beatmaking inspiration.

Bundle de 3 Packs

USD 147USD 99