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Music Production Academy

  • Rotterdam Pays-Bas

Music Production Academy is an Ableton Certified Training Centre at which students from all over the world gather to develop skills in the field of electronic music production. MPA organizes monthly Ableton workshops aside from the regular daily courses and private lessons. All of which can be followed with the latest versions of Ableton Live and Ableton gear.

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There is a place at MPA for anyone with a passion for music, whether you’re just getting started or you have years of experience in production or DJing. The team consists of passionate teachers, producers, professional musicians and innovative entrepreneurs. MPA operates with the vision that, in the right environment, surrounded by the right people, it is possible for everyone to produce music. To achieve this, MPA has developed a concept where both technical and musical theory is applied and developed in various professional studios used by a continuously growing community of creatives. 

MPA is more than just a school. With a wide variety of events, studios, networking possibilities and the MPA Community, the organisation provides a platform for everyone who wishes to be involved with music. “We want to help as many producers as possible to make the most of their music and to make it more accessible so that they can develop relationships and potential collaborations with others.” Both for their own musical satisfaction as well as to gain opportunities in the music industry. 

At Music Production Academy you will: 

  • Always find a solution for your wishes in the field of music production 
  • Get instructed by professional teachers 
  • Work in small groups and get the amount of personal attention you deserve 
  • Meet new people with the same passion for music production 
  • Benefit from the versatility of masterclasses and other events 
  • Not only choose a place with a high-quality range of courses in music production, but you also choose a place with a great atmosphere.

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