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de Puremagnetik

A comprehensive toolkit of otherworldly strikes, atmospheres and textures for game, film and television scoring, and experimental music production.

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Filmscape combines four of Puremagnetik’s premium sound libraries into one comprehensive collection for composers, film scorers and experimentalists. Each library focuses on specific sound sources and types of effects. The combined sounds add up to over 3 GB of metallic slams, horrific environments, cinematic textures and transition effects – a complete selection of sounds for music that needs suspense, drama or something out of the ordinary.


The rusty, industrial sounds in Metalsphere are made up of four different sources designed to complement each other, as well as individual “modules”. Load each module separately as needed or stack them to create huge sounds and textures. The modules are assembled into Instrument Racks and contain easy sound shaping controls to morph between signal sources and are preprogrammed with Push-ready effect Macros.


Technosphere contains a range of unique tools for dark, brooding styles. This library features creepy atmospheres and twisted soundscapes, beds and undercurrents created from heavily processed ambient field recordings, short and long build-ups and transition effects, and dramatic hits, slams, bangs and thuds created from live drums, guitar amps and field recordings.

Infinite Spaces

Infinite Spaces is built with responses generated from legendary space simulation equipment to create feedback loops and huge, reverberating sonic spheres. Inside this library are beautiful crystal spheres, metallic resonating worlds and shimmering subterranean civilizations – a detailed collection of sound for anything application that requires richly detailed spaces.


Grainscapes is a collection of haunting, granular synthesized cinematic textures and ambiences. This library includes over 20 multi-sampled programs ready for instant tweaking and sonic manipulation. Grainscapes was created through a process of spectral analysis, granular resynthesis, filtering and advanced jitter/frame automation. The result is a collection of bending metal, shimmering glass structures, dark ambiences, choirs and more.

USD 39