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Mood Reel

de Ableton

Set the scene with a collection of sounds for making music with a modern narrative feel. Evocative layered instruments combine organic and synthetic sounds with textural elements to add mood, space and movement to productions.

USD 59

Included with Push 3

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Developed by Ableton, with contributions from sound designers including SonArte, Comakid, Aimée Portioli, Arovane and John Valasis, this Pack strikes a balance between delicate and dramatic to inspire compelling moodscaping and sonic storytelling.

Designed to invoke different spaces and settings, these cinematic sounds can create a feeling of intimacy, add tension and suspense, or suffuse productions with movement. Drive tracks into the darkness with creepy experimental noises and tense rhythms, or foster a feeling of wonder with shimmering synths.

Racks for depth and texture

Mood-setting Instrument Racks are a highlight of this collection, with sounds that are evolving, spacious and full of feeling. Many of the instruments are layered, combining sampled acoustic gear, electronic sounds, and gritty, effervescent or airy textures to give your work a sense of calm, an ominous air, or a moment of majesty. You can also combine individual sound layers to create your own hybrid instrument with the sentiment your project calls for. 

Enhanced sonic artifacts

Mood Reel’s sample library is full of characterful sounds that have been recorded and processed to highlight their unusual textures and timbres – from eerie whispers and rattling metals to buzzing harps and pulsating pads, plus all manner of percussive foley sounds and place-setting field recordings. 

The Pack contains a selection of multisampled instruments, including many that capture the sounds of the instrument’s body, such as organ key releases and prepared cello hits. Work with the airy tones of bansuri flute, a droning wind harp, or the muted plucks of a Greek lyra. 

Pack contents

  • 295+ Instrument Racks

  • 20 Drum Racks

  • 20 Audio Effect Racks

  • 20+ Construction Kits

  • 160+ MIDI Clips

  • 2800+ samples

  • 3 demo sets

Curated Collections

This Pack is part of a series inspired by our favorite music and created by Ableton in collaboration with leading sound designers.

Included with Push 3

USD 59