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AAS Bundle

par AAS

Three expertly designed Packs offer a diverse set of synth patches that show Analog and Tension at their evocative best. Now available as a discounted bundle: three Packs for the cost of two.

Contenu inclus :

Entangled Species

Facture originale USD 117maintenant USD 78

Bundle de 3 Packs

Angelicals is a source of classic-sounding polyphonic synth patches all built in Analog. They’re great for building retro-futuristic, sci-fi soundscapes, and ideal for more atmospheric variants of house and techno.

The ambient physical modelling patches in Entangled Species are made up of arpeggiators, pads, FX and more – all perfect for scores or electro-acoustic, ambient arrangements. The Journeys collection also makes full use of Tension’s sonorities – choose from over a hundred expressive Instrument Racks to create vivid impressions of different times, places and cultures.

The sounds come with ready-to-use macro controls you can tweak (especially with Push), fine-tune or take in a completely new direction. If you want a go-to source of synth sounds within Live, or a starting point for your own sound explorations, look no further.

Bundle de 3 Packs

Facture originale USD 117maintenant USD 78