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Tristan Malloch

  • Melbourne Victoria Australie

Tristan Malloch is a Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist, music producer, product demonstrator and teacher with a vast history throughout the music industry, and dedicated Ableton Live user since 2005. He is a passionate and eclectic music producer/performer covering a diverse range of styles.

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Tristan is a tutor at Melbourne’s Ableton Certified School of Synthesis, with classes for both beginner and advanced Ableton Live students, as well as sound design. He also contributes articles and video content to Australian music gear/news website Noisegate, who’s Ableton Live focused tuitional content has amassed tens of thousands of YouTube views.

He has been teaching Ableton Live and Push for many years in a range of contexts including guest lectures at SAE, JMC and AIM, traditional classroom lessons, and one on one tuition at events including Brisbane’s BIGSOUND and Little BIGSOUND.

An experienced music producer and musician since a very young age, Tristan has been performing live since the late 90’s in a range of genres including folk, heavy metal, funk, indie rock and synth pop as a guitarist, drummer or keyboardist.

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