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SAE Institute Mexico City

  • Mexico Mexique

SAE Institute Mexico is the first SAE College in Latin America to open its doors and offer courses and degrees in Audio, Videogame Design & Production, Digital Film, Web and 3d Animation. The curricula reflect both the educational philosophy of SAE worldwide and the realities of the multimedia industry in Mexico and Latin America.

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Ableton Live is taught in two programs: Electronic Music Production and Ableton Live Course. Electronic Music Production is a part-time professional certificate program for individuals seeking to make, produce, mix or remix music primarily using computers, sequencers, DAWs and synthesizers. Ableton Live is one of the featured programs in this curriculum, as it is extremely popular amongst electronic musicians.

SAE Institute's Ableton Live course deeply explores all of Ableton Live's features allowing the students to explore their creativity by creating, manipulating and mixing sounds. This program is a three month long (72 hour) course designed to prepare students in all aspects of music creativity, from DJ to music production, sound design, remix and live set creation.

SAE Mexico facilities features over 20 Ableton Live workstations all equipped with a variety of controllers to choose from and Ableton Live Suite. Students receive classroom instruction, hands-on training and lab time to develop their projects.

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