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Eduardo Dominguez

  • Mexico Mexique

Mexico City based musician, producer and DJ, Eduardo has always been passionate about music and discovering new ways to create it, developing various techniques for DJing and sound design.

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Eduardo began playing guitar and piano in 1997 and three years later, at the age of 15, he set off on his career as an audio engineer, sound designer, producer and DJ. He has performed at some of Mexico’s biggest festivals, including Loveparade Mexico, Mayday Mexico and Tecnogeist, and played at Tresor in Berlin for the first time in 2014.

Eduardo has released and recorded on a variety of labels, including Kombination Research, Illegal Alien Records and Yin Yang Records. He also runs two record labels: Vector Functions and ANAØH.

Lately he’s been developing a range of Max for Live devices, including MIDI tools, synthesizers, samplers and more.

He started using Ableton Live in 2003 and it quickly became his main tool for both production and performance. Eduardo has been teaching in various schools since 2002 and Ableton Live is now the mainstay for most of his courses, which include synthesis and sound design, music production, remixing, live performance and DJing, as well as Max for Live.

Eduardo teaches classes of up to ten students, custom one-to-one programs and online. He also offers workshops, conferences and master classes for audiences from 50 to 200 people.

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