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Rob Jones

  • Londres Royaume-Uni
  • Berlin Allemagne

Rob Jones has been obsessed with music since the tender age of 7, when vocal training and local amateur productions soon led to a string of work in musical theater and opera, including Oliver in London's West End and The Magic Flute at Glyndebourne Opera House.

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As a hobby, he played predominantly jazz and blues on his main instrument, the piano, as well as dabbling in percussion and guitar on the side. In 1999, Rob went to Surrey University, where obtained a Bachelor of Music and Sound Recording, otherwise known as the prestigious "'Tonmeister" course. He went straight from University to a marketing job with Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd, where he soon became the brand manager for Focusrite's sister company Novation. Other roles within Focusrite over his five years working with them included the creation of all training documents, manuals, tutorials, and promo videos.

Now the Course Director of online music production provider Producertech, based in Berlin, Rob makes music on the side using his preferred software platform, Ableton Live, which he discovered while working at his first NAMM show in Anaheim (CA) back in 2004. Having produced electronic music and DJ'd for over half of his life, he now releases a fusion of groove-based dance music genres for an assortment of labels, including Lot49, Erase, and Acidphonic, under the artist name Anarchy Rice. Meanwhile, he continues to create comprehensive tutorials on Ableton Live for Producertech, who offer two complete core courses, one Beginners/Intermediate and one Advanced, as well as shorter courses on individual instruments and areas of production, in order to allow people of all ages and levels to expand their knowledge and learn new skills.

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