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ZenPad Bundle Vol. 02

de EarthMoments

Surreal, slow-mo soundscapes, psychedelic instruments and otherworldly timbres from underwater recordings – you can now pick up these diverse sound sets as a discounted bundle: three Packs for the cost of two.

Included content:

ZenPad Poly Reverse
ZenPad Waterworx
ZenPad Lé Slow

Precio inicial USD 237ahora USD 158

3 Pack bundle

A source of unique atmospheres and aesthetics for producers, sound designers and score composers, this bundle is the perfect jumping-off point for those looking to explore new sonic territory.

The Lé Slow Pack features dark and dreamy atmospheres and textures, Poly Reverse brings an eclectic mix of instruments reminiscent of 60 & 70s psychedelia, and Waterworx offers ethereal atmospheres and sounds inspired by rivers, oceans and lakes.

Sounds come as high-quality audio loops, and are also compiled into easy-to-use Construction Kits: ready-made Live sets full of cohesive sounds that get you creating soundtracks and soundscapes in no time. Whether you are a producer, filmmaker, musician or sound designer, ZenPad Bundle 02 will provide a go-to source of vivid ideas.

3 Pack bundle

Precio inicial USD 237ahora USD 158