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Synthetik Loops

de Flatpack

Over 500 synthetically generated beats, loops and textures. Hi/Mid/Lo frequency groups, for creative layering.

USD 49

With more than 500 synthetically generated sounds, Synthetik Loops is a distinctive and original tool kit beyond the mundane. The drums, music and textures of Synthetik Loops are perfect for both music production and sound design.

Beats are set up in Hi/Mid/Lo frequency groups, making for easy layering and combining to create your own loops. Select hi-hats from our Hi-frequency batch, combine these with claps, snares and bleeps from the Mids, and complete your loop with a selection of kicks, subs and low rumbles. The number of possible combinations is nearly endless. Each loop comes as a Live Clip for accurate tempo syncing.

Music Loops are also set up in Hi/Mid/Lo frequency groups, again allowing for a myriad of layering combinations. Combine Hi-pitched glides or resonant hats with Mid-frequency TB-303 squelches, chord stabs or grungy sixteenths, and underpin them with low-end sub bass frequencies, filtered drops and throbs.

The Synthetik Textures are a carefully selected batch of loops ranging from the subtle to the bizarre, from the musical to the discordant, for creating music with atmosphere and character.

Synthetik Loops can be synced to the global tempo of your track and shifted to a different key or pitch. Using Ableton's warp feature and editing controls, Synthetik Loops can also be further modified and customized by re-timing and re-quantizing beats for even more deep, rich patterns.

USD 49