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Max for Live


de K-Devices

Drop Herse in your track and manipulate audio in real time. Herse is a slicing multi-effect that lets you rearrange your signal and apply a defined amount of effect to each slice.

USD 29

Use Herse with your audio clips or apply it directly to the audio input, slicing in real time and processing each slice with individual effects settings. Herse is not just great when used with percussive sounds, it also does a terrific job on bass lines, synthesizers and can be very interesting when applied to vocals and guitars.

Herse’s effects include roll, a waveshaper distortion, an amplitude envelope, a low pass filter, amplitude modulation, resonator and an output volume control. Each effect utilizes the internal step sequencers in order to apply different effect amounts per step of sliced audio. The step sequencers can also control timbral parameters, such as the curve of the roll effect. Set a maximum amount of effect per slice and then refine it step by step using the dedicated step sequencers. Or, let different random modes take over.

Fits every tempo

Thanks to its flexible time engine, Herse is great at any tempo. You can work with two time resolutions simultaneously and morph between them with a dedicated control. Or you can increase the amount swing to make it fit perfectly in your live set – both the slicing grid and the step sequencer allows triplets and dotted notes.

The variable number of steps (from 2 to 16) can create polyrhythmic effects pattern. And using either the “drunkwalk” or freeze function, some very complex effect textures are within reach – all while keeping everything linked to the transport.

New in v.1.1: 

USD 29