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Analogik Bundle

de Flatpack

This versatile bundle of synth and drum sounds brings the rich sound of analog gear under your control in Live.

Included content:

Analogik Waves II
Analogik Drums
Analogik Waves

Precio inicial USD 177ahora USD 119

3 Pack bundle

Analogik Waves captures a diverse range of synth sounds from sought-after analog oscillators – from raw and dirty synth leads to beautifully ethereal pads. A total of 143 Simpler patches form the core of the preset patches, each of which comes with pre-mapped Macros for creative control.

Analogik Waves II faithfully captures the distinctive grit and unpredictable quirks of a new collection of boutique oscillators. Again, tweakable controls are ready for you to mould the sampled sounds and textures into entirely new creations.

To top things off, Analogik Drums provides 40 Drum Kits constructed from analog modular gear. There’s a big selection of classic drum sounds that hark back to the days of electro and early hip-hop, plus some more twisted samples to boot: distortion-drenched claps, toms that wobble, and much more.

3 Pack bundle

Precio inicial USD 177ahora USD 119