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Riemann Tech-House Kollektion

par Sample Magic

Get inspired with an infinitely evolving set of beats and basslines, optimized for Ableton Live.


Introducing a loop library unlike any you've ever worked with, only for Ableton Live. The SampleMagic Riemann Tech-House Kollektion features over 500 MB of deep electronic grooves perfect for tech-house, minimal, or other dance or glitch productions. The Kollektion includes beats, throbbing basslines, finely-sculpted drum hits and spacey effects, all custom-programmed by Florian Meindl, Format:B and Shlomi Aber.

Built for Live

The Riemann Tech-House Kollektion's "Loop Factory" sets it apart from other static loops you might have worked with before. Using Ableton Live's Clip Follow Actions, the nine included Live Sets mix and match the extensive Clips in the Kollektion to come up with fluid, unique beats. Go ahead and let the Riemann Tech-House Kollektion play through an infinite combination of inspiring loops - the Live Sets are ready to capture your favorite combinations.

The Riemann Tech-House Kollektion is fully optimized for Ableton Live, including a sorted library of Clips, plus Drum Racks and Audio Effect Racks for fine-tuning the perfect, layered sound. The included Effect Racks are designed for the specific percussion and bassline sounds that come with the Kollektion, with intelligently mapped macros for flexible and easy editing.

Konstrukt the Kollektion

There are five Construction Kits included with the Riemann Tech-House Kollektion, each set up to dive deeper into customizing your loops and one-shot sounds. Looking for that perfect clap? The Claps Construction Kit gives you three channels of low, mid and high claps, each with a "Selektor" macro to scroll through the choices.

Whether you want to get gritty in editing your sounds, or would rather get inspired by an infinitely evolving series of loops, the Riemann Tech-House Kollektion has the Ableton Live-ready beats and pieces that you need.

Note: Due to the size of the Loop Factory Live Sets, the Riemann Tech-House Kollektion is not compatible with Ableton Live Intro. Ableton Live 8 or Ableton Suite 8 (version 8.2.2 or higher) is required. If you own Ableton Live 8 or Suite 8, then you can upgrade to the latest version for free.