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Max for Live


par Sonic Faction

Polytek is a versatile and creative Max for Live instrument combining step sequencing, vocoding and multiband gating, using Analog and Sampler as sound sources.


Polytek is an innovative new Max for Live instrument that fuses rhythmic and melodic sequencing to generate an infinite constellation of funky, enigmatic patterns. Its ‘multiband’ sequencer triggers Live’s Analog synth or Sampler, the raw tones of which are processed using a comprehensive array of onboard processors and effects. From deep tech progressions and ambient dub soundscapes to choppy synth grooves and gritty robotic polyrhythms, Polytek can add a layer of subtly shifting dynamics to any track.

Polytek's intuitive layout makes step sequencing easy and fun. The sequencer can be set to cycle through any number of steps from one to 16, and is divided into four frequency-split lanes, each hosting its own playback speed and direction controls. Simply click notes into each lane in the Rhythm page and mix up the playback settings between them for complex evolving polyrhythms. Then set the Note and Octave offset for each step in the Melodic page, and activate one of 18 chord shapes to build harmonies.

The Routing Matrix lets you select Analog or Sampler as a sound source, with key controls made available directly in the Polytek interface, and Sampler including its own library of custom samples. Your chosen source can then be routed to either the Vocoder or Multiband gating system, followed by Polytek’s resonator bank and physical modeling engine. The resonators add harmonics and filtering, while the Physical Modeling section simulates the sonic effect of strings, pipes, membranes and more.

Polytek also includes an arsenal of FX modules comprising Reverb, Saturator, Delay, Auto Pan and Chorus; and the internal Preset system enables effortless saving of rhythmic, melodic and sound design settings, as well as on-the-fly recall of entire patterns.