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Max for Live

Granulator II

par Robert Henke (Monolake)

One of the most popular Max for Live devices, Robert Henke’s impressive Monolake Granulator has been updated for Live 9. Transform any sound with this versatile instrument.

Included with Live 12 Suite.

An amazing device for creating your own textures, pads, and atmospheres, the Monolake Granulator II uses granular synthesis to create a constant stream of short crossfading samples from a source sound. The size, behavior, modulation, envelope, and other properties of the short samples can be tweaked via the Granulator’s controls. Watch Monolake Granulator II creator Robert Henke demonstrate how to use this instrument to create a lush pad from the sample of a clanging glass:

For a more in-depth overview of the Monolake Granulator II from Robert, please see this article.

Included with Live 12 Suite.