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Expressive Choir

par Spitfire Audio

Expressive Choir is a set of choral presets and MIDI clips specially adapted by Spitfire Audio to showcase Push’s new, highly expressive MPE-capable pads. Take control of a large mixed choir, using Slide and Pressure to blend between mouth shapes, change pitch, and explore dynamic layers.

USD 49

Included with Push 3

This Pack is designed for a natural expressive response, both on Push 3 and other MPE devices. The samples – carefully-captured recordings of a full SATB choir (D1-A4) – cover a wide dynamic range and two mouth shapes (“Ahh” & “Mmm”) that can be manipulated with Push’s new pads to blend seamlessly between pitches, mouth shapes and dynamic layers.

The Pack’s presets come in two categories – pure choir presets for different dynamic ranges, with macros that let you sculpt the space and character, and hybrid presets that blend synth layers with choir for dramatic and cinematic sounds.

To spark inspiration and encourage experimentation, the Pack also comes with dozens of MIDI clips.

Playing with Push

This Pack lets you take full control of Push’s highly-expressive MPE pads. In presets which contain both mouth shapes, slide up the pad to blend between the two mouth shapes, or vary the pressure on the pad to control the dynamic layers. In presets that only contain one shape, combine Slide and Pressure to create sensitive dynamic control. Note Pitch Bend can also be used to glide between pitches individually for each voice.

Slightly different are the hybrid presets, where Slide, Pressure and Note PB respond differently depending on the preset itself, affecting both the choir and synth layers simultaneously. Experiment with each to find unique, dramatic interactions.

Not only for Push

This Pack can also be used fully without an MPE controller like Push. Live’s Core Library contains two MIDI Effect Racks – ‘MIDI to MPE’ and ‘MPE Invert’ – that allow traditional MIDI controllers or keyboard and mouse users to access a wider expressive range. 

Pack contents

  • Three choir presets covering the choir’s full dynamic range and different mouth shapes
  • Six choir presets that sculpt and process the choir for dramatic and intimate contexts
  • Seven hybrid presets that blend synth and sample layers
  • 50 MIDI clips

About Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio is a world leader in instrumental multisampling. The company, which started as a collection of string samples recorded for the founders’ own compositions, has released over 60 sample libraries which can be heard in major Hollywood film scores and hit records.


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Included with Push 3

USD 49