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DM-307A Collection

par Heavyocity

Heavyocity brings its flagship collection of analog and organic drum sounds to Live: a carefully processed, production-ready batch of live percussion, drum machines and modular synth drums.

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Contenu inclus :

DM-307A: Cinematic Artists
DM-307A: Latin Rock
DM-307A: Featured Artists
DM-307A: Hip Hop
DM-307A: Hybrid Cinematic

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Bundle de 5 Packs

Created by leading electronic producers and cinematic composers, Heavyocity’s prized DM-307A drum bounty has now been formatted for Live. The collection spans electronic, hip-hop, cinematic and Latin sounds, and is available as five individual Packs or a single discounted bundle. There’s also a free taster Pack available containing selected samples from all five sets.


The samples have been expertly handled and curated across the differing sound sets, so come ready to use in your productions. Take the gritty, Lo-Fi one-shots and effects from the cinematic side of the collection - they’re designed by the same composers who soundtracked the likes of Tron:Legacy, so it’s no surprise you won’t need stacks of plugins to get them sounding good in your tracks.

Analog love

Elsewhere in the collection, drums have been built from the ground up using true analog source materials: modular synth rigs shaped with analog filters, treated with professional-standard tube distortion and compression units. The more organic sounds - Latin woodblocks, shakers, congas and claves - have all been meticulously captured using an all-analog signal chain. 

Packing a punch

The Pack contains conventionally arranged one shots and loops (with individual stems), plus a series of creatively constructed drum racks. These come ready with handy macro controls for tuning, shaping and adding effects and rhythmic subtleties. Heavyocity’s popular ‘Punish’ effect is even reproduced: a mix of saturation, compression and EQ, which as the name suggests can get your drums packing a mean punch.

Bundle de 5 Packs

Facture originale USD 175maintenant USD 149