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冯榆喻 / Yuyu Feng

  • Bejinge Chine

Yuyu Feng, aka. Fishdoll, is a electronic music producer, singer-song writer, musician and also a resident jazz singer on Beijing’s Jazz club stages. Since 2014, she has performed with several different bands and artists from all over the world.

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She's also a solo performer. Her solo sets are experiments in the combination of Jazz vocals and electronic soul and ambient beats. She released a debut album through Paxico Records and Bandcamp named it one of the best Electronic Releases of 2018.

Having grown up as a classical violin player, Yuyu has completed her Jazz vocal performance degree in the new school for Jazz and contemporary music in New York in 2016. Since even before that, she produced her own electronic beats and composes Jazz infused Ambient Soul with Ableton Live and Push.

Yuyu offers introduction lessons for everyone wanting to explore their creativity in music. She likes to organize jam sessions with Ableton Live for students to help them learn music making from interacting with other musicians. She offers customized lessons for students who want to expand their musical horizon. In the first lesson she will try to understand the students needs, to then come up with the optimal way of helping the student reach their goals. The lessons can take place online or offline, the first interaction will be online for practical reasons.She also offers lessons for young kids who are at the very beginning of their musical journey and is happy to guide their parents through the world of non-traditional music making.

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