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Wigbert Caro

  • Boston Massachusetts États-Unis

A Boston-based electronic music chameleon, producer, performer and educator, Dominican-born Wigbert Caro seeks to understand and inspire the creative process in those he teaches. He specializes in multi-genre electronic music, creative workflow, producing/performing with Ableton Push 2 & various controllers, mixing, sound design and custom curated topics.

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A graduate from Berklee College of Music in Electronic Production and Design, he’s been using Live since 2009, and covers genres such as house, techno, bass music, hip hop, ambient/experimental and many more. He outputs under multiple aliases (Wigzen, Moduloktopus, Omdose, Tahabdra, Agents of Vibe, and others) on his label Moduzen and others. 

Since 2012, he has been teaching Ableton Live one-on-one lessons as well as at Boston’s music production & DJ school Mmmmaven, where he presents various workshops and lectures. He’s also worked as a product specialist for audio companies such as Arturia, Keith McMillen, and Cakewalk. 

Presently he offers private and group classes, online lessons, workshops, product demonstrations, production/mixing advice, live set consulting for touring bands and performers, and any custom inquiries. His teaching focuses on learning the individual’s musical taste and passion to guide them through the tools music technology has to offer.

Where words fall short, music communicates best.

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