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Warp Academy

  • Victoria Colombie-Britannique Canada

Cutting-edge, on-demand, online training for producers, DJs and performers using Live. We’re created and run by Ableton Certified Trainers and industry experts with decades of experience. Level-up your skills with action-packed courses on Live, DJing, synthesis, sound design, remixing, workflow pro-tips, mixing, and mastering.

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Warp Academy specializes in on-demand, online training for producers, DJs, and performers using Ableton Live. We’re an exclusively Live-based academy, created and run by a team of Ableton Certified Trainers and industry experts with decades of experience. You could say Live is “our thing”. You get to learn using the newest tech: HD videos with hi-res audio, downloadable Live Packs, and streaming webinars where you can interact with our instructors and your fellow producers. This might be why we were rated by DJ Tech Tools as one of the 5 top ways to learn Ableton Live.

Our entire site and all our courses are optimized for mobile devices, meaning you can learn anywhere, any time, on-demand, and at your own pace. Our store has courses geared towards everyone, from total beginners all the way up to advanced producers. Level up your production skills with essential topics like learning Live inside out, DJing, synthesis, sound design, remixing, mixing, mastering, and pro-tips on workflow. Beyond that, we offer training in soft-skills, like the creative process, song writing, and music theory. Come take a peek around the site and check out our extensive free content and course preview videos.  We know you’ll dig it!  

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