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赵万 / Wan

  • Nanning Chine
  • Shenzhen Chine

Wan, Music Producer / DJ / Sound Designer / Max Developer / Recording and Mixing Engineer, and now growing up to be an excellent tutor.

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Anglais, Mandarin Chinese
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Wan started to study music at an early age when growing up in an art college. During youth, He formed a band and started to work on his first original creations. Since then, he now holds a bachelor's degree in recording engineering, a postgraduate degree in music production and music technology. He has been involved in the development of music and MIDI controllers with institutions and companies from Spain and Germany. The projects were invited to showcase at SONAR and SXSW. Influenced by Zebbler Encanti Experience, he could perfectly showing the beauty of Bass music.
Wan chose Ableton Live as the main music production tool. After ten years of continuous using and learning, he has mastered all Ableton products, in addition to making max for live devices to pursue a better music creation and performance procedure. With the support of theoretical knowledge and practice, Wan began to participate in online and offline music production and Cycling 74’ Max related courses and workshops from 2016.
He offers a variety of Ableton-related courses and can customize the courses to suit each individuals needs:

  • Music production using Ableton Live from entry to advanced level courses
  • Advanced sound design courses
  • Ableton Push courses
  • Cycling 74’ Max from entry to advanced level courses

He will spread the passion for music production with creative and instructive ways to help students achieve their goals.

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