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Walter “wattabass” Sguazzin

  • Udine Italy

Walter Sguazzin is a bassist who has always been in love with new forms of musical communication. He is a teacher, musician and father, as well as a strong believer in collaboration as the only model of personal growth.

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Walter "wattabass" Sguazzin started playing music in February 1984, and has been using Ableton Live since 2013. He is a bass player and eclectic instrumentalist, and currently plays with Playa Desnuda. Walter has collaborated with dance project Funkabit since 2017, in order to release his debut album on behalf of Garrincha Soundsystem. He has close ties to the world of theater and entertainment and has worked on over fifteen records in different musical genres, ranging from rock to dance. Walter was the musician for the Rock Run Roll project, an audio workout project to go running to, which debuted on the iTunes charts at number eight.

Walter started working at the Progettoautismo FVG for autistic boys in 2016. Live, coupled with other innovative music technologies allows children with autism to create music and engage them in a way that was difficult with traditional instruments. It is for this reason that Walter considers Live a new tool for communication which helps to break down walls.

Walter has taught electric bass in Udine since 2010, and Live from 2014, to individual students, groups of five to ten students, as well as customized lessons. He has also taught ukulele for the last two years.

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