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Vitor Jesus

  • Goiânia Brésil

Vitor is a music producer, electronic musician, sound designer, consultant and educator. He started to produce electronic music in 1999 in genres such as drum and bass, house, techno and breakbeat. Vitor has produced tracks for radio, television and several hip hop artists. Vitor has worked with Ableton Live since 2004, became a specialist and has been teaching electronic music production since 2006, training more than 800 students in his on-site courses.

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Vitor is passionate about music and teaching people, giving them the power to produce their own art. He is the CEO and trainer at Music Lab - Audio Production and DJ Academy, one of the leading production schools in Brazil. Vitor teaches the basic concepts of electronic music production, focusing on the fundamentals of musical production, through to the most advanced concepts, with the aim of improving the music-making process and eliminating time-consuming steps between music creation and live stage performance.

In addition to electronic music production courses with Ableton Live, he teaches mixing and mastering, live performance and has an online course with a program specially designed for training electronic music producers. Additionally, Vitor also holds presentations, demonstrations and workshops about music production and technology. Some of his partners include Ableton, Novation, Focusrite, Lennar Digital, Reveal Sound and others.

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