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Tom Cosm

  • Christchurch Nouvelle-Zélande

Performer Tom Cosm offers Ableton Live training through his personal website, and he gives personal workshops and training sessions around the globe, depending on where his musical performances take him. Tom has given workshops at various large international music festivals, including the Boom Festival (Portugal) and Rainbow Serpent Festival (Australia).

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Working with youth is one of Tom's passions, specifically opening up doors for young people who are looking for some direction. Tom has worked with youth centers around both Australia and New Zealand, introducing young minds to the world of computer music. In 2005, he co-established White Elephant, a charitable trust that promotes the positive development of young people aged 15-25, mainly within the New Zealand dance music scene. Tom's other key passion is working with producers whose production skills are at a high level but who lack the ability to transform their creations into something they can perform live. He has developed his own techniques to help move from the studio to live performance in a quick, easy and safe manner. Tom no longer offers private one-on-one lessons due to unpredictable travel commitments, but he is always on the lookout for the opportunity to give single one-off workshops. Challenging requests are always greatly encouraged.

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