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From Studio to Stage

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Learn to use Ableton Live on Stage. Gain access to courses on using Ableton Live for live performance, a private community of like minded performers that won’t let you quit, and templates and tools to help you succeed.

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Founded by Ableton Live Certified Trainer Will Doggett in 2018, From Studio to Stage is an online community focused on using Ableton Live on stage. Since 2008 Will has been teaching and training people to use Live on stage. With From Studio to Stage, you’ll get access to new content each month from Will that will help you perform like the pros on stage with Ableton Live. 

With 24/7 access to every course in the catalog, you can learn at your own pace. No deadlines and no tests. Learn as you go, when it’s convenient for you.

With 4 paths, all dedicated to using Live on stage, you’ll find the exact training you’re looking for. 

In the essentials path, you’ll learn how to quickly get started with Ableton Live, and master concepts like setting up your audio interface and MIDI Controller, to warping tracks in Live.

In the Playback path, you’ll learn how to use Ableton in a Playback environment with clicks, MultiTracks, stems and backing tracks in Live. From building a template, formatting songs, and building a set, you’ll learn how to efficiently use tracks in a stable, flexible way. 

In the Keys track, you’ll learn how to use Live with your keyboard. Whether to supplement your hardware keyboards, control your keyboards, or use as a virtual keys rig with a MIDI controller, you’ll learn the best way to use Live as a keys player. 

In the Control track, you’ll learn how to enhance your live show, by using Ableton Live to connect and control almost anything on stage. From changing presets, to syncing tempos, to controlling lights, lyrics, and video, you’ll learn how to use Ableton Live to enhance your production, while still maintaining freedom. 

Whether you’re a Playback Tech, Music Director, Musician, or Worship Leader, you’ll learn how to enhance your live show, expand your skill set, and get and keep the gig with Ableton Live. 

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