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Stelios Vlachakis

  • Barcelone Espagne

Stelios initially fell in love with electronic music back in the late 90s. He decided to get involved in music production and audio engineering after attending numerous festivals and parties.

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Stelios started studying at SAE Athens in 2004, and a couple of years later joined SAE as a supervisor and lecturer for the Electronic Music Production course. From 2005 he worked freelance in audio post production, live PA and mastering, alongside his career at SAE.

These days Stelios’s work is not related to music. Instead he’s joined SAE’s European IT department, where he manages and configures their cloud infrastructure and data networks.

The passion for music production does not fade easily and Stelios still produces and writes music. He was introduced to Ableton Live at version 3 and has used it as his main DAW since version 4. Today Stelios uses Live for his productions, lessons and workshops, and as a multi-purpose tool for live PA. With over a decade of teaching experience and as a Certified Trainer since 2010, Stelios offers private or group lessons tailored to each student’s needs and demands.

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